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May 2002


Considering "Future Implication" Codes

In the days following 911, when we began posting information about our finds in Ezekiel about the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, we received several hostile messages from web surfers irate because we had not used Bible codes to predict those attacks.

A number of times we have written about the problems inherent in using the codes to foretell future events. The most recent article was in the November issue, which you can access on the Subscribers page with your user name and password. In the first place, God jealously guards the right to accurately predict things to come--at least when it comes to mediums, fortune tellers and ouija boards. According to Leviticus 20:27, “A man or woman who is a medium or spiritist among you must be put to death. You are to stone them; their blood will be on their own heads.”

Those who are permitted to see and discuss the future in the Bible are limited to Jesus Christ, prophets and proven godly men. Joseph and Daniel interpreted dreams concerning the future; Isaiah foretold details of the coming Messiah; and the apostle John wrote about the last days of the world in Revelation, to mention a few.

Limited use of the ability to determine God’s will on issues was given to some. The priests had the Urim and Thummin, apparently some form of “lots” or dice, to be used to help people in decision making. Gideon, when having a tough time deciding whether or not to follow divine direction, used a famous fleece to test whether or not he was hearing right. First, he placed the sheepskin on the ground overnight and asked the Lord to have the dew in the morning be only on the fleece and not on the ground. When he got up the next morning and found a soaking fleece surrounded by dry land, he reversed the test for the next night, only to find that his fleece was dry while the ground was soaked.

Secondly, it is hard enough to find codes after an event when you know details of what has occurred and you can look for terms based on them. Then, when you find codes that include such terms, they are mainly unclear as to timing and often as to other specifics, as well. Let’s face it. They can be downright enigmatic.

The events of 911 changed everything for us. When we were researching the clusters in Isaiah 53, Genesis-Exodus and others, we rarely had to face this issue. As our findings began to hint at situations that could be occurring now, as well as those that might happen in the future, we have had to struggle with what to do with them.

Recently, a TV producer working on a program about Bible codes and 911, asked us to provide her with a list of our codes that predict future events. We had to say that we could not do that, and explained why, but that we could send her a group of codes that we could say had “future implications.” In other words, we are not saying that they are codes predicting the future, but that they imply some possible future outcome. We also grouped them according to subject, as follows:

Reasonable Future Implications of Bible Codes in Ezekiel

Future implications are not predictions, but rather are reasonable possibilities that are suggested by Bible codes, but that are indefinite in some important details.

Future Implication #1: Captured Al Qaida Leader
Abu Zubaidah Will Divulge Important Information

    Carry the Mountain. Zubaidah will Tell Something of Value as a Gift as the Monument of the Sect is Finished. Could this prediction already be fulfilled? On April 23, CBS announced that Zubaidah apparently revealed al Qaeda's ability to build and smuggle a dirty bomb into the U.S., certainly a valuable piece of information for agencies charged with watching America's borders.

    You Were Harnessed. Contemplate My Might. Let Zubaidah Be Kept in the Limelight. Will They Strike the Sea?

    There is Quarrel in His Speeches. A Living Brother Uttered Words to Them and to Me. And Zubaidah Turned to His Sea, Without then Lying for a Whole Week. Oh, the Mountain of Her Interior Will Bear a Testimonial to Her Name.

Future Implication #2: Saddam
Hussein’s Days Are Numbered

    And When Will Hussein Recognize the Checkmate? And the Wine in Them?

    You Will Crush the Guilty Saddam and the Month of Eyar (mid-April to mid-May) Will be Restful.

    Imagine a Picture of Terminal Illness. The Days of Saddam Are Over.

    Form Her Heart Toward Him and Let Go. Go Into It. Where? Iraq.

    Please Value the Day of Might. Who? Iraq. The Song Will Awaken Him.

    He Will Suffer Pain and Restlessness. But the Halo is His, and for Her the Monument Will Be Baghdad. (If the monument in the code, “Carry the Mountain. Zubaidah will Tell Something of Value as a Gift as the Monument of the Sect is Finished” is Baghdad, then these two codes, taken together, could imply that Baghdad will be finished.)

Future Implication #3: Saddam Hussein
Will Be Found Guilty Of Much

    You Will Crush the Guilty Saddam and the Month of Eyar (mid-April to mid-May) Will be Restful.

    I Will Ask for a Policy. Please, Hussein, Your Son Will Commit a Crime Against Us, Expressing the Idea That the Map Will Be Corrected.

    Saddam is Guilty.

    Hussein is Guilty.

Future Implication #4: Saddam Hussein Will Be
Associated With Terminal Illness—Either His Own or
That of Others (Possibly Through Bio-Chemical Warfare)

    The Rest of My Terminal Illness is Spreading, Saddam, As if from a Missile Made for You. Where is He? Or Who is the Tyrant?

    Imagine a Picture of Terminal Illness. The Days of Saddam Are Over.

    This is the King of Babylon, and By the Vomit You Will Be Imprisoned.

    Saddam, Terminal Illness from Everything.

    For Where Has God Consumed from You? And In It Are Stones of Substantial Sickness for Us. You Will Indeed Delay Their Diagnosis, Because of His Own Reflection in the One Who Solves.

Future Implication #5: Bin Laden Is
Either Dead or Will Be Dead Soon

    Bin Laden is Dead. Where is the Monument for the Oppressed?

    Yesterday Evening They Whispered, Bin Laden is Dead.

    The Farmer of Rome Came. Bin Laden is Dead. The Deep Throat Burned Everything.

Future Implication #6: Conflict in the Middle East Will
Likely Center Around the Temple Mount

    Mosaic Codes: 17 War ELSs appear in Ezekiel 40, even though only 4.37 are expected by chance.

    The following very lengthy codes each stretch from the heart of the terrorist attack cluster in Ezekiel 37 through the Temple Mount description in Ezekiel 40:

    For Where Has God Consumed from You? And In It Are Stones of Substantial Sickness for Us. You Will Indeed Delay Their Diagnosis, Because of His Own Reflection in the One Who Solves.

    The Trouble of the New-Born One is Vigilant and Honest Because of the Ruin. Get Out as if Iraq had been Sent Out. The Majority is Aware that, Rest in Peace, You Will Come—the Villainy with Light. You Will Understand the Heart of Granite.

    Rabbi, Behold! The Temple Mount is Dormant. And He Will Deliver the Fallen, as Well as My Mother, as She Will See. She Will Lead a Dried Out Enemy With Her Guilt Offering.

    He Warmed Her. And Where is the Wanderer Going to Come? To the Temple Mount, Where He Will Kiss the Mother.

    I Will Praise the Monument of the Temple Mount.

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