Armageddon Update: Latest Research Findings

Findings in the Daniel 2-3 Cluster

A few interesting features of this newer cluster are these:

    The second-longest code in the cluster to date, I will Ask for a Policy. Please, Hussein, Your Son will Commit a Crime against Us, Expressing the Idea that the Map will be Corrected, may have been acted out when the Iraqi dictator’s step-son was discovered attempting to enroll in a Florida flight school recently. Mohammed Nour al-Din Saffi was deported for the crime of violating immigration laws. It remains to be seen how “the map” will be corrected.

    A Bush will Rush. There She is. Provide a Complete Peace is compelling if you are willing to allow a shrub to represent the president of the United States. Hebrew language restrictions do not allow for it, but poetic license may.

    God will Provide My Bread at the Utmost Height of Armageddon could refer to the second coming of Jesus Christ, who called himself the Bread of Life (John 6:35). Many prophecy students believe that Christ’s appearance will climax the battle of Armageddon.

    And when Hussein will Recognize the Checkmate? There will be Wine in Them indicates an interesting future scenario with no lack of mystery.

We are looking forward eagerly to finding more codes with these themes as we continue our exploration of the cluster.

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