Washington in Fear

Cluster 5—Twice before Washington he conquered (killed or raped) one female, or Seven times before Washington, he did . . . Police confirmed that the weapons in the possessions of the suspects were used to kill two females before the murders occurred in Washington. News reports since the arrests have indicated that there may be more. The matrix suggests seven assault occurrences before Washington.

Cluster 6—The agent… See the intense hate… went to the gun to destroy them. . . The original question was, “G-d, No! They (the victims) are ten!—Ten! Who hates them—G-d?” The emphasis was on hate. This matrix is now clarifying “hate” to “intense hate.” Women and children are murdered with no remorse. Note that the word for intense hate in Hebrew comes from the word poison—appropriate also for poisoning of the mind. The term is pointing out: “the agent . . . look at him . . . look at the intense hate that he carries.” In addition, note the word “see” or ”look.” The same term is used in referring to Iraq: “Look who is for Iraq . . . “

Now let us examine the key term in this cluster, “the agent . . . see the intense hate.” This term is associated as indicated above with the term “look who is for Iraq…” Cluster 12 shows it in another way. It is not outlined in Matrix 12 but it is there. It also crosses the term, “hired by a nation.” Note that the terms bisect each other. Here we have three terms indicating an Iraqi connection, or at least a foreign power connection. Right at the crossing point, we find another (fourth) indication of an entity connected with the “sniper”—my oath with them. Who is the partner of this oath? Is it not Iraq?

Finally note the last two terms that intersect the main vertical term. The first term that shares the letter “chaf” tells us that he “went to/for the gun” while the second term tells the rest of the known story: “To destroy them . . . ” The sentence concludes with “to break my oath with them.” Is it the oath taken in the U. S. Army to defend, not to destroy the USA?

Cluster 7—And he conquered one (female) in 1989/90, a female and he will not marry (her) Similar to the above. There is no report of such a crime yet, but there is a suggestion of an action and a date.

Cluster 8—Malvo Caused the Innocent to Bleed The term “innocent” (without the extra yud) was associated above with the ten killed and thirteen total victims. Here the term relates to Malvo. Malvo is alleged to have killed at least one victim. In the matrix, it is said that he bled the innocent.

Cluster 9—A bad situation: This terror—those are the citizen and the stranger amongst you—the people of the land As per news reports, the two suspects in this case of terrorism, who caused such a bad situation for such a long time and for so many people, are those described in this matrix. They are a citizen and a "stranger," or a non-citizen in biblical terms, that came to live in the USA.

Cluster 10—G-d! No! They are 10! Ten, who hated them G-d? Those wicked men! There is a statement, one or two questions, and an answer in this matrix. The first letter stands for His Name. It implores Him: Do not! They are 10 insignificant individuals. The letter yud is the tenth letter in the Hebrew alphabet and indicates ten. It is the smallest letter in the alphabet, seemingly the least significant by all appearances. Why pick on the obscure individuals? The same six letters read as “but they are 10.” They are so many. How could any one hate so many. The question, “Who hated them G-d?” follows the two versions of the six previous letters.

The answer to the question(s) appears in reverse over the letters that make up the question(s): “These wicked people”. The word “these” leads to another term in the matrix that states, “these are the citizen and the stranger amongst you,”as is illustrated in Cluster 9 above.




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