Washington in Fear

The Big Question

The subject of the matrix is “Fear in Washington.” As has happened so many times in my research, I stumble on the bigger issues when I deal with smaller ones. The “small issue” in the above analysis was a serial killer or killers in Washington. However, fear in Washington has much more meaning when we consider that Washington is the capital of the USA. It represents the heart of the American people whose heart knows no fear.

However, splitting the heart of the term, “Washington” is the term “his name is (mother) Saddam (see the impact of cluster 14).” Then there is the term below warning Washington about another Hitler in 2002. Could this refer to a Hitler who uses gas for mass killings and snipers to extinguish the life of the innocent in a split second? Could it be about a Hitler who is the subject of a newly published book, “Saddam King of Terror.”

There is no doubt in the mind of any American about the strength of its army and ability to defeat Iraq in a military action. On the other hand, if we will not fear the warning shots, we may be faced with this terror, [more] spilling of blood.

Final Notes

Completing a matrix is very difficult. There is always much more to be revealed. Even this report on the terms found is incomplete. Below you will find a table of some of the terms seen above. Some of them do not appear below and some of those below do not appear above. It takes time to associate terms with one another, understand the significance and then illustrate it. For example, one term in the matrix refers to not doing any “work” on the Sabbath. By the Jewish definition of the Sabbath (sundown Friday to sundown Saturday) there were no shootings on the Sabbath. Another example is grouping terms by subject such as fear and terror:

Other terms that have not been introduced so far include the forgery term relating to the documents used to bring Malvo to the USA, and the term relating to the age between 30 and 50, which relates to Williams age of 40 when he was “signed up” (first committed his crimes), etc.

I did not complete the matrix, and I did not finalize the report itself. However, I did complete my initial objective to get answers.

Are the results a set up? Can they be made up in any book? Did I select my words in advance? I have followed the same procedures as for the articles published in the reference at the beginning of the article. I have compiled matrices that are even more complex, by special request and according to the same rules. To get to the truth, I follow these rules:

  1. Look in the Torah,
  2. Start with the theme term at its lowest skip,
  3. Accept only terms at 20:1 odds (R-value = 1.3) or more,
  4. Have plenty of redundant terms (I call them witnesses),
  5. Let the matrix tell a story,
  6. Use proper grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc.,
  7. Include plenty of terms at skip=1 (literal, or surface text) to confirm that the matrix is at the proper place,
  8. Include some special features such as terms sharing a letter, mirror image, very long R-values for a few terms, reading the same long term from left to right and right to left and getting two different messages, etc.

I do not believe that by following these rules one can produce a matrix that provides a false message. I had no clue in the beginning what to look fortall or short, young or old, citizen or foreigner. I just asked the questions. Very often there was only one answer. For example before it was known that Malvo had a substantial role in the actual killing I wrote the following to Dave Swaney, Roy A. Reinhold and Walter York:

    Monday, October 28, 2002 9:30 PM:

    Hi Dave,
    I have now found the names of the accused in the matrix, that there is blood on Malvo's hand . . . Nevertheless, there is a heavy emphasis on Malvo in the matrix—more than on Mohammad.


Predetermined terms are very impressive. I have done that, too, by selecting the names of ten generations in a row as spelled out in published books. There, however, they all came in as a complete set in chronological sequence of birth (see published articles as referred to above). In addition, obviously one cannot predetermine a term made up of two words or more. Therefore, it is very interesting to find that a second word in a given term fits so very well to the subject of the matrix, i.e., the name Malvo was predetermined, but it was attached to blood and not to wine. The young one was attached to “made suffer,” and the “partner” term mated with the term implying homosexuality, etc.

The debate about the authenticity of the Bible codes did not stop. As outlined above it is very easy for the skeptic to prove that it is all a hoax—IF it is a hoax.

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