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    This Year in Iraq: A Nearness Check With a war in Iraq looming, we decided to take a look at ELSs for 2002-2003 (the Jewish year 5763) in the Ezekiel 37 cluster, and how near its appearances are to other codes, indicating interesting possibilities. One of these includes a mention the Jewish month of Iyar (May) in connection to Saddam Hussein.

    The Islamic Nations ELS Extensions Experiment Critics have long argued that ELSs comparable to Bible codes can be found in any book. We undertook an experiment to test this hypothesis using the names of Islamic nations, and here we present the first results. Bible code skeptics and proponents will be surprised.

    The Ezekiel 37 Cluster Cannot Be A Coincidence Using key results from the Islamic Nations Experiment, and an ELS Extension Model derived in a technical addendum, we show that the Ezekiel 37 cluster is conclusively beyond chance.


Seminar a Hit!

More than 150 people attended the very successful first Bible Code Digest seminar presented by the Horizon Institute during the first week in February. Bible Codes: Fact or Fiction was held in the Mountain Avenue Theatre, Ashland, Oregon. The nearly two-hour event featured speakers Ed Sherman, Dr. Nathan Jacobi and Dave Swaney. So pleased with the response to the seminar was the Horizon Institute that a second one has been scheduled for April 29 in Medford, Oregon.

Did God Bring Columbia Down?

Could the space shuttle disaster last month have been due to an act of God? Intriguing code matrices suggesting the Lord's hand in the February 1 tragedy have been discovered by Montreal code researcher Moshe Aharon Shak. And findings by other researchers seem to echo God's involvement in the disaster.

The first and most significant Shak discovery is centered in the final verses of Exodus 31, where God tells the children of Israel to remember the Sabbath. Using the minimal Hebrew for "Columbia," Shak found it with a skip of –41, ending in Exodus 31:17. A few verses away he found the eight-letter code Bitter, in space (it is) bitter with a skip of 25, the six-letter terms Sabbath for you, I(lan), skip 23, and the mission, skip –2.

Then, using a combination of “literal” terms and reorganization of the literal text, he adds we shall take apart, and the seventh staged a Sabbath (Israeli crew member Ilan Ramon, listed as the seventh crew-member in all NASA materials, performed a brief Sabbath service during the flight), from the space of God shall surely be put to death.

Shak believes that there is a connection between the fact that the disaster took place on the Sabbath, and Ramon’s inability to follow the laws of Shabbat to the letter while the whole world was watching. "Ramon was a non-religious Jew who came back to his roots in a huge way. Circumstances beyond his control not allowing him to keep the Shabbat led to the downfall," said Shak.

If this is the case, it could shed some light on the code we found in Ezekiel 37 with a second spelling of Columbia, From God Comes the Debris of Columbia. And Impure (non-kosher) is the Monument of the Father. Another valid translation of this ELS is From God Comes the Debris of Columbia. And the leader's heap of ruins is corrupt. Although it is somewhat vague, the second part could be a reference to the current controversy regarding NASA management's handling of warnings by engineers of potential problems with re-entry.

The second cluster Shak discovered is in Deuteronomy 19. Both matrices with Hebrew spellings and Shak’s article on them can be found at Roy Reinhold’s site.

Computronics founder David Mandel discovered a cluster with a third spelling of Columbia, this one in Genesis. His main ELS is Death to Columbia. It is crossed or nearly touched by On the Firmament, Heaven, plus And God Spread Them, and From There all Over the Land Nearby is the Israeli astronaut’s name.

New Novel’s Plot Involves Bible Codes

Code researcher Walter York has penned Hanephilim: The Fallen Ones, a novel that weaves Bible codes into its story line. A successful software executive is duped by the government into participating in a secret "black budget" project. Nephilim is the Hebrew word for giants, literally the fallen-down-ones, which some believe were angels banished from heaven with Satan. Before the deluge, their cohabitation with human women produced giants, also called Nephilim. The Bible mentions this as one of the main reasons God decided to wipe out most of humanity with the flood. The pre-print publication e-book is available on line.


    I Will Ask for a Policy. Please, Hussein, Your Son will Commit a Crime against Us, Expressing the Idea that the Map will be Corrected

Regarding this ELS, it is intriguing to note that Iraq claimed Kuwait as its own in 1961 when it gained independence. Since then, Iraqi-made maps have shown Kuwait as part of Iraq and not as a separate country. The reason why Iraq wants Kuwait so much is because it owns 10% of the world's proven crude oil reserve. In today's world, oil is money; oil is power.

Also, most people do not realize that of Saddam's two sons the youngest is even more evil than Saddam. In fact, he is so cruel that Saddam has entrusted his elite security guards to him—bypassing Uday (whom Saddam considers to be a playboy). Based on his murderous past, I can easily envision him "committing a crime against us." Especially if it results in correcting the map to officially give Iraq the country of Kuwait.

Uday is better known in the West since he is the editor of Babel, the country's newspaper, and he has managed to make the news from time to time for his playboy activities (while earning the distain of Saddam).

Qusay (the youngest), however, is not as well known but he is by far the more ruthless and the more powerful. In fact, he appears to be the first in line to succeed his father. He oversees all Iraqi intellegence and security services, the Republican Guard, and the Special Republican Guard—as well as the units that are charged with protecting the regime and special weapons programs. Of Iraq's eight known intelligence services, three or four are believed to have been under Qusay's control since the early 1990's, including the Directorate General of Intelligence and the General Security Forces. In a surprise move in mid-May 2001, Qusay was elected to the 18-member Iraqi Regional Command, the executive leadership of the ruling Ba'ath Party.

Power aside, Qusay is a violent psychopath. He does not hesitate to eliminate any real or perceived threats to himself or his father's presidency. He has a long history of interrogating, torturing, jailing and killing people, including those who are innocent. In one reported incident, Qusay spied a woman he was attracted to and had her taken to a hotel room where he raped her and then threw her off the balcony to her death in the streets far below. He then went outside shot her husband—who was initially restrained outside the hotel and who had witnessed his wife's death. If the Bible Codes are correct and Saddam is removed from power (May 2003 as suggested by one code in particular) then Qusay could very easily rise to power. In essence, we will be replacing one evil for something else that far more evil.

Steve Welch

Perhaps I have missed something in what Paul Phelps’ article said in the February newsletter, but I believe the prophecy in Zechariah 12:11 says:

    On that day the weeping in Jerusalem will be great, like the weeping of Hadad Rimmon in the plain of Megiddo.(NIV)

In Revelation 16:16, the scene depicted is not a place but rather, as Paul points out, a gathering of troops. What he fails to observe, however, is that its symbolism reaches back to the struggle of good and evil we see on the battle plain of Esdraelon. This plain was famous for two great victories: of Barak over the Canaanites, and of Gideon over the Midianites; and for two great disasters, the deaths of Saul and Josiah.

Hence, in Revelation a place of great slaughter, the scene of a terrible retribution upon the wicked. This is depicting the wrath of God being poured out on the ungodly. The antichrist fighting the kings is not in view, but the final wrath of God against the ungodly under Satan’s influence (Ephesians 2:2). This will be played out as the demons go out and gather the kings of the earth for this final battle. The righteous will be protected from this (Luke 21:35-36; Revelation 3:10) or will not be here as they are not appointed to wrath but to salvation (1 Thessalonians 5:9).

DiAnne Krumm


Codes Seminar Set for April 29

The Horizon Institute will be presenting a free seminar on Bible codes Tuesday, April 29, 7 p.m., at the Red Lion Hotel, Medford, Oregon.

Bible Codes: Fact or Fiction will feature speakers Ed Sherman, president of the Isaac Newton Bible Code Research Society, Dr. Nathan Jacobi, our Hebrew expert, and Dave Swaney, editor of Bible Code Digest.


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