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June 2003

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True Head to Head Comparison, Continued The preliminary results of the second phase of our Islamic Nations study are in with the details of an experiment pitting ELSs in the book of Ezekiel against an equal number from Tolstoy's War and Peace. Two Hebrew experts researched the ELSs. And their findings, along with an analysis of the results, make for fascinating reading.

FAQ: Vowel Play in Code Translations? A reader passes along the criticisms of a Hebrew and Greek professor regarding the problems posed by vowels, or that lack thereof, in codes. And we respond with both barrels, or comments by Ed Sherman and Nathan Jacobi.

Many New Codes to be Added
to SARS Article

More than a month after it was first posted, many new codes are soon to be added to the article on the virus in Bible codes by researcher Moshe Aharon Shak. His revision will include correspondence from subscribers with suggestions that were very helpful in his research. We are hoping to have the updated article posted by the middle of next week.

Although it seemed for a couple of weeks that the SARS epidemic had been brought under control, it has reared its ugly head again in Toronto, where two more victims have died, many new cases have been reported and thousands have are said to be quarantined. Russia has announced its first case of the virus. And it still poses a threat to societies less well equipped to deal with a disease that is still not understood. And a vaccine is still at least two years away—possibly longer.

Sherman Speaks on Codes in San Diego Area

Bible Code Digest's Ed Sherman presented a "sermonar" on codes before a worship service at the Horizon Christian Fellowship in San Diego, Saturday, January 24, was greeted with enthusiasm by the more than 700 in attendance. An hour and 10 minutes of questions followed. Mr. Sherman also spoke to the La Jolla Christian Fellowship the following day, and presented a paper on our Islamic Nations Experiment to the annual meeting of the Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences meeting at Point Loma University, Friday, May 30.

Haralick to Lecture in Jerusalem

"Torah Codes are Real" is the title of a lecture to be given by Professor Robert M. Haralick on Sunday, June 1, 8 p.m., in Jerusalem. Professor Haralick is currently a distinguished professor in Computer Science at the graduate center, City University of New York. He is also the author or co-author of three books on religious subjects. Welcoming remarks will be made by noted code researchers Professor Eliyahu Rips, Art Levitt and Rabbi Dr. Yochanan Spielberg. Location: The Seymour J. Abrams Orthodox Union Jerusalem World Center, 22 Keren Ha-Yesod Street, Jerusalem, Israel. Tel. 972-2-5667787, fax: 972-2-5617432 email:

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Perhaps this is mentioned somewhere, but I didn't come across it. In the current Iraq/terror codes, you have one listed under the "interesting" category. "The island was restful, ELEVATED, and it happened. . ." Interesting that the current homeland security terror alert is currently listed at "elevated."

G. D. Jeffers

After reading the codes yet again, I found I didn't know what "proliferation" meant. I entered the word into a search of the web and came up with this report. I didn't know if you had read it or not. One portion concerns North Korea.

Praise God for such a great victory over Saddam!!!

Linda McBee



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