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Comparison Continues, Part 2

In response to skeptics who say that codes can be found in any book, the Islamic Nations Extension Experiment compared ELSs from a portion of the Old Testament with ELSs in a portion of the Tolstoy novel, War and Peace. This is the third and final installment of our report on the results of the experiment. The first installment was in the March issue and continued in last month's issue.

We began the experiment by searching for the names of several Islamic nations in both texts -- a total of 50 ELSs culled from both the Bible and War and Peace. Adding letters from the text at the same skip before and after each ELS, we sent a few of them at a time to Hebrew expert Nathan Jacobi, along with our routine extension candidates. He was not aware that he was taking part in an experiment, so did not know that some of the ELSs were from the Tanakh and some were from War and Peace. We simply asked him to attempt to extend the ELSs into longer terms that made grammatical sense.

When we had the results of his work, we then took the ELSs he was able to extend, removed all of his work on them and sent them to another Hebrew expert, researcher Moshe Aharon Shak. Moshe returned them to us with his translations of the same letters. Meanings of translations were not what we were looking at in this experiment. All we wanted to know was how many of the ELSs could be extended into phrases that made some sense.

Here is the second half of our presentation of the final ELSs of both experts.

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