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    * The cure for sin: "He who spares his rod hates his child, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him." Proverbs 13:24

The term (virus) in the red box in the matrix segment below is not very prominent on its own. On the other hand, it appears vertically in the matrix and the four lines tell the story. It starts at the top right corner, continues on the second line in the middle, and then three more terms, one below the other, intersect the term. The story is 1.) With high fever and inflammation; 2.) until you will perish; 3.) and the virus/smiting; 4.) is frightening; 6.) in the dark.

It is difficult to show the entire matrix clearly. The center of the matrix at a skip of 55 letters between the lines is shown above. The actual skip between the lines is not really important as the entire text is considered from the first term to the last. What is shown clearly in the above matrix is the interplay of the term:

Bad Health, Hashem is Against Me

The term "health" or "lungs" shares the letter "taf" with the main term "health." It also shares a letter (yod) with the term:

With the Knowledge of China

The connection here is that the bad health was first used against China.

Some of the other terms in the matrix above are the year and month the outbreak started, and that the medicine is in Hashem.

Veteran code researcher and engineer Moshe Aharon Shak was born in Israel and now makes his home in Montreal.

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While Moshe was working on the above article, we received another Hebrew spelling of SARS from Nathan Jacobi. It is an acronym for the term

We searched for the term in the Tanakh and discovered it passing through the cluster that Moshe discovered once, and sent the results of the search to Moshe. Here is our extension of the ELS, with the original ELS in red:

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After the original article was posted, Moshe received a great deal of e-mail with comments and suggestions for further research. Below are a few of them, edited for space considerations.

China's govt does not allow Bible teaching--illegal.

Paul Aaron Sneed

Maybe the European cure for the flu virus works. You swab out your ears with hydrogen peroxide, which kills the virus in the ear canal and eustachian tubes. The theory which I've read in medical papers, is that the flu virus propagates itself in the ear canal and eustachian tubes and moves down to the throat. So if you catch it early by using a hydrogen peroxide swab in the ears, you eliminate the infection early.

Roy Reinhold

. . . scientists had linked SARS in China to Chlamydia. Well as you probably know Chlamydia is a Sexually Transmitted Disease which could be seen to be by men because of mankind's increased promiscuity.


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