Continuing Exploration of the Yeshua Codes in Gen-Ex

Potentially the greatest cluster of Bible codes is in the area of the Tanakh between Genesis 30 through the book of Exodus. This huge area, covering 50 long chapters and more than 98,000 letters of the Old Testament, presents research possibilities that are difficult to get one's arms around. We have already discovered one sub-set of codes within the cluster—the Ten Commandments sub-cluster in the area of Exodus 20. And it appears that there must be many more such sub-clusters, and even sub-sub-clusters in this massive treasury of codes.

What is tantalizing about the area is that it is in the heart of the Torah, the holiest Scriptures to orthodox Jews, what Christians call the Pentateuch because of its five books. Here we have found a huge vein of codes about Jesus Christ. Our first article on this discovery appeared in the February, 2001, issue. Subsequent articles appeared in the June and August, 2001, issues. These issues are available for viewing through the Subscribers page.

Our research into the Gen-Ex mega-cluster was largely interrupted by the events of 911. We occasionally found a code in the cluster, but we held off reporting on them until the time arrived when we had sufficient ELSs to make up an article. That time has arrived, and below we present the Gen-Ex codes discovered over the past two years.

Included is the second-longest code ever discovered, to our knowledge, "Or Come Down, for the Father of Destiny will Make You Rejoice. Who is Yeshua? Our Master Over Death. Prevent My Fever for Him. And Who is God, Who, Like Their Nation, Has Crushed You?" This amazing ELS is 57 letters long and has a skip of just 465 letters. It begins in Exodus 4 and runs right through the Ten Commandments sub-cluster.

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