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Another Perspective on the New 73-letter Code The new world-record 73-letter code in the Isaiah 53 cluster is not only astounding in terms of its length and its message, but the contexts of letter locations and the relation of the message to those locations is astonishing.

Merry Christmas Micah 5:2 is the center of a fascinating cluster on the birth of Christ and the power of the Messiah, and we update the cluster here with findings that we have not announced before.

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Christmas Codes in Proverbs 15

Be sure to see a report on the Christmas codes in Proverbs 15.

History Channel to Rerun
Outstanding Bible Codes Program

Bible Codes: Predicting Armageddon, the History Channel's excellent hour-long program on Bible codes, has been scheduled to air again on Sunday, December 14, 7 p.m. EST/PST, 6 p.m. CST. Meet key Bible code researchers in this hour-long production, that was so successful for the cable broadcaster that more episodes have been ordered from the producers, Mod3 Productions. If you can't watch the program and would like to order the VHS video released by THC, Click here.

Supermarket Tabloid
Headlines Bible Codes

The Sun, one of the supermarket tabloids whose journalism consists mostly of articles straight from the imaginations of its editors and writers, turned its sleazy attention to Bible codes in its November 18 issue. It was about what you would expect from the Sun, and we posted a comment on our site about it, headlined "Sun Article as Full of Fantasy as You'd Expect from a Tabloid."

Julie Elick Contest Winner

Winner of our Context Contest in the October issue is Julie Elick of Roseau, Minnesota, where her husband, Joe, is pastor of the Evangelical Covenant Church. Julie is an artist and works in a day program for the profoundly disabled. She is also part owner of a coffee gallery, “where I paint, hostess and do dishes.” It is located in an agency where “we help find jobs, do assessments and job-coach people who have special needs.”

Julie says she is reading the Rick Warren book, The Purpose-Driven Life, and that the desire of her life is to increase her effectiveness in building up the Kingdom of God. She notes that she also plays the fiddle.

Julie wins a copy of the code search software, Bible Codes 2000, which is currently on its way to her from Computronic Corp. in Israel.



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