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    146-Letter-Long Gibson ELS Discovered Moshe Shak's findings are thoroughly controversial. Do codes only tell truth, as Shak claims? Or do codes just express viewpoints? Whatever the answer, code skeptics have been presented with a daunting challenge.

    ITCS Conference Report Several of the most significant names in Bible code research gathered in Jerusalem last spring at the fifth annual International Torah Code Society convention. Leading presenters Professors Eliyahu Rips and Robert Haralick presented papers, as did several other important code researchers. This report covers the major events of the meeting.


Bible Code Digest Site Has Biggest Month Ever

As the month of April came to an end last week, the Bible Code Digest site already had more than 2.2 million hits reported during the month, our biggest ever. More than a million hits came as a result of the History Channel airings of documentaries on Bible codes on Easter and during Easter week.

Both History Channel Videos on Codes Now Available

Videos of the History Channel's two excellent programs on Bible codes are now available to order. If you have not seen these productions, you are in for two big treats. The video of the first show, The Bible Code: Predicting Armageddon, is available for immediate shipment. The second video, Bible Code II: Apocalypse and Beyond, can be ordered now and will be available for shipment soon.


Suggested Translations

I appreciate your service and commend you for the quality and careful approach you have undertaken with regard to the Bible code phenomenon.

I have a couple of thoughts regarding two codes that mention the word "island." I have seen several interpretations in your newletters speculating that the appearance of the word "island" in a Bible code refers to Great Britain or the Phillipines. I offer that "island" may indeed refer to Manhattan.

Consider the following code:

"Conquer the Axis of Evil in the Island, or an Elephant that I Raise Will Fly."

With "island" interpreted as Manhattan, this could be a call for the United Nations to deal with the Axis of Evil—which, obviously, they have cosistently been loathe to do.

Since the United Nations had cold feet, the "elephant" was raised to handle the crisis. This could be interpreted to be the Republican George Bush who has brushed aside the lackluster U.N. and taken charge of dealing with the Axis of Evil.

(Further support for this interpretation can be found in interpretations of one of your own newletters of the code "Let the Oppressed be Congratulated, Saturated from Him at 2001. And Let Them be Guarded by the Echo of the Father's Son, Supported by the U.S. I Will See but He has the Knowledge.")

Now, let us consider the following code:

"The Island was Restful, Elevated, and It Happened. Where is Libya? And You Have Disrupted the Nation. She Changed a Word. He Answered Them with Combat. Why the Navy and the Smell of the Bottom of the Sea?"

If "island" is Manhattan, then the various elements of this cluster could refer to various events related to or subsequent to 9/11. Manhattan was restful that September morning. We were also elevated—having been involved in a long bull market and an improved society due to the good governance of Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Then, it happened: planes hit our towers, and our friends, family, fellow citizens, police, and firemen were massacred.

At that point, Libya was probably on the B-list of suspects, but that is not what necessarily seems important. Rather, it seems that there is emerging a pattern that when a Bible code asks a question, this is a riddle or referring to a future event—in essence, a prophecy. No one knew at 9/11 or later when this code was found that Libya would become or was involved in discussions with the United States and Great Britain to disarm and turn its back on terror. Indeed, this knowledge was not public until late 2003
when the deal closed.

Indeed, 9/11 disrupted our nation. The "you" could be referring to Osama bin Laden, or perhaps to the forces of evil in general—maybe even the coming of the Antichrist.

"She changed a word" is still shrouded in mystery. Perhaps this is referring to a real woman or it could be referring to the biblical symbolism where "woman" equals the church. "Word" could have quite a few interpretations, and without more context, I would hesitate to speculate.

It seems logical enough in the context of this overall interpretation that "he" refers to George W. Bush, and "combat" refers to either the War on Terror or perhaps more specifically the Afghanistan or Iraq campaign, or maybe even a military campaign to come.

As for the last part, it also is a question, and therefore a riddle or a prophecy perhaps: (1) it may be referring to North Korea as one could anticipate that the Pentagon has a fall-back plan to invade North Korea that includes domination of the east and west shores of the Korean Peninsula with navy and submarines for bombardment and marine landings; or (2) it was found out recently that Israel has put nuclear weapons on submarines in the Mediterranean Sea; or (3) it could refer to the Egyptian airliner that was downed in the Red Sea several months ago. The French sent navy equipment and personnel to probe for the wreckage and the black box. Early announcements by Egypt and France were that the plane was not downed by terrorism but by mechanical failure. France later backed off their early claim and said that terrorism cannot be ruled out until the black box is found. Now, apparently, the French have concluded that the black box is not retrievable.

Thank you once again for the service you provide. I truly believe that these are important times, and that God in his infinite wisdom placed the codes in the Bible for us as a prophetic guide in the End of Days.

Ted Robertson
New York City

* * *

Yassin Code

Did you see the "Yassin code" in Psalm 140? It's at The term violent man ("Ish Hamas") appears in this psalm in the plaintext. Also Yassin's name is coded in the psalm. Furthermore, The Psalms have a prescribed reading and prayer schedule for all Jews the world over. The schedule for this psalm falls on the exact
day Yassin was killed.


Here is the story by

Death of Sheikh Yassin (y"sh) in Psalm 140

Psalm 140 was recited by tens of thousands of Jews on Monday morning (March 22, '04) as part of the daily portion of Psalms for the month.

On that day (at 5:30 a.m.), an Israeli helicopter rained down rockets on a car containing Sheikh Ahmed Yassin (y"sh), founder and leader of the Hamas terrorist organization.

This Psalm contains the Hebrew word "Hamas" (violence) three times. The number of each of the three verses containing the word Hamas corresponds to the date and time of the death of this wicked "spiritual leader."

His death occurred on 2nd say of the week (Monday), the 29th day of the 12th month (Adar) in the 5th hour (5:30 a.m.).

The word Hamas appears in the verses 2, 5, and 12 of the first Psalm read on the 29th day of the month.


  • All three times the word is part of an expression "ish hamas(im)," meaning "man of Hamas." The word "ish" is spelled with the letters Aleph Yud Shin, which are the same letters as the initials of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin (y"sh)
  • The psalm asks G-d for help against this wicked "man of Hamas," and states (verse 11) "Let burning coals fall upon them; let it cast them down into the fire, into deep pits, never to rise again."



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