Bible Code Digest—September 2004 Cont.

Do Longer Codes Express Viewpoints? —Part 2

In the August issue we began a two-part series on the possible points of view expressed by many of the codes that we have discovered. The article contained the caveat that trying to sort codes into what you might term hard and fast statements from one point of view or another is either very difficult or impossible. The best we can do is to very loosely group the majority of them into interesting possibilities. Bottom line, this exercise is far more art than science.

After five years of investigating the phenomenon of Bible codes, we are of the opinion that such codes are much like what one would get if you took the literal text of the Bible and eliminated all quotation marks and all attribution. Without knowing for sure who is speaking, how can we be confident that the content of a code is the truth? So it is that one could lift the serpent’s statement in Genesis 3:4 (“You will not surely die.”) and end up with a lie. We believe codes are lifted fragments for which the context and speaker are uncertain.

Concluding the series for now are three more viewpoints, those of terrorists and Americans, culled from mostly the 911 clusters in Ezekiel 7 and 37, and the Catholic point of view. The majority of the Catholic POV codes are taken from clusters concerning Christ, but there are also some representatives from 911 and other clusters.

There is a dearth of extremely long codes in these suggested points of view, simply because the longer an ELS is the more ambiguous it becomes. Shorter codes are much easier to link with specific points of view, such as Place the Gift of Terror (10 letters) in the Terrorist Point of View group below, or Mary is the Mother of God (nine letters) in the Catholic viewpoint section, also below.

What is most interesting about the Terrorist Viewpoint group is the number of "N. Korea" ELSs that were among the top codes listed. Could this be suggesting that there is a stronger connection than has generally been acknowledged between the Islamic terror groups and North Korea? When we searched for North Korea after President Bush named the nation as part of an axis of evil after 911, it showed up in several long codes located in interesting 911 clusters with the shortened "N. Korea" ELS (seven letters), but not at all with the ten letters required to spell out "North Korea."

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