Bible Code Digest—
March/April 2005

The Tsunami
By Moshe Aharon Shak
Copyright © April 2005 by Moshe Aharon (Morris) Shak


In looking for tsunami Bible codes, I almost drowned in a sea of tsunamis. There are four spellings of tsunami:

and there may be other spellings to choose from as well. Since I was overwhelmed by the amount of information available, I limited my search to only two spellings: The shortest appearances of

in the entire Bible. Incredibly, the shortest term of was found at a skip of +1 in Jeremiah, while the term was found at a skip of -2 in Exodus. Only later did I appreciate that by adding one letter at the end of the tsunami, I actually had the tsunamis.

In both instances, the tsunami phenomenon is described clearly, and G-d's anger is pronounced. It is interesting that in the Torah "the tsunami" is found in Exodus in the Hebrew word

The word "Shemot" in Hebrew means names. The other meaning of the word, which is not in the text of the Bible, is "waste" or "desolation." The term "the tsunami" is found in the portion labeled "mishpatim," in which the word means "sentence," "judgments," or "verdicts" (based on the word at Exodus 21:1). The terms waste, desolation, verdict, and judgment indeed sum up vivid descriptions in the matrix.

Tsunami (in Jeremiah) —

The word tsunami is found at its lowest skip (+1) in the entire Bible in Jeremiah 51:39.

In addition, the implication found in the Bible codes elsewhere is very strong here: G-d's vengeance and fierce anger. Does it also indicate the source for the anger? Is it too much feasting and drinking? Is that "their poison"?

The Tsunami (in Exodus) —

The term the tsunami () holds in it a clue of its function. In Hebrew, it can be broken into two words: that spell out that "(The) command is My speech." This is a first indication that the "event" was directed by G-d. However, let us first look at the definition of tsunami as it relates to water.

Finally, we note that if we are to extend the term tsunami by one letter, we get the term or the Hebrew plural for the term tsunami. The last three letters of the new term spell out water (). Indeed, if we extend the term tsunami in the other direction, we get the tsunamis ().

This, however, is only the beginning. The term can be extended significantly in both directions, AND it can be read in BOTH directions as illustrated below:

* The term appears in the Torah twice as "said/says (the Lord)" when G-d speaks and four times during the story of Balak and Balaam (not referring to G-d). Various prophets use the expression "said/says (the Lord)" countless times. In the Torah, G-d is using the term to emphasize the intent of reward or punishment.
** Exodus 15:1 — . . . The horse and his rider hath He thrown into the sea.

The fifteen letters () that are part of a twenty-nine letter mini-matrix combine above to make 23 statements. In summary, the statements say that:

From the same mini-matrix above, we can look at the term to the water () and expand it as shown below:



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