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March/April 2005

The Tsunami

Tsunami —

Much has been already been said in this article about the tsunami. However, what exactly is a tsunami? The Wikipedia encyclopedia lists two types of or sea waves. The first type occurs when the waves are formed above the surface of the water, while the second type that are called tsunami are formed below the surface of the water due to a seismic reaction. The term that is part of the main term below has a statistical significance R-Value of 1.4. On the other hand, if we extend it in EITHER direction, we get a theme message that appears repeatedly in the tsunami codes. The term is formed by adding only one letter to the left, and it says Your sea waves, where "Your" naturally fits as G-d's (sea). The second extension indicates that the sea waves are His sign. The Hebrew version of waves of the sea was chosen to be the key term for the tsunami matrix. The skip of the matrix is established, therefore, at 53 with the term sea waves at the center of the matrix below.

The terms already outlined described the tsunami, but at a skip other than one. The codes at surface text are here to verify that indeed we are at the correct portion of the Bible. Here, the theme of the tsunami codes is once more: waves; plenty of water; destruction (three instances), your water (Asia's or G-d's); the land is desolate; for you the sea is the end, OR for you (it is) the Nile (note that refers to the Nile as the sea of reeds); all the judgment is water.

The last two terms suggest judgment. The terms lest they make thee sin against Me; for He will not pardon your transgression; and nor do after their doing underline that suggestion. Finally, the term the blood he threw on the altar indicates that life was taken for a reason.

The reason may be described in the main extended term. G-d in the Bible outlines repeatedly that he will reward and punish according to the actions of man. In Egypt, G-d makes his signs known to the world. In part G-d throws — the Egyptian army to the waves of the sea (of reeds — the Nile). The term throws appears repeatedly as part of very long terms. The sea of reeds (the Nile) stands out in the matrix below. The long term has and His sign — right at the start. G-d is showing His sign just like in Egypt. Yes, "the fleet (of waves) of their destruction hit them." "Lest they make thee sin against Me" and so on.

Notes: Look at the three interrelated terms of destruction and note immediately below the term your water that has within it the term seas. Note the interrelation of the term destruction at skip -3 with the term nor do after their doing. Finally, note that the last term shares a letter with the main center term containing the waves of the sea.

If we extend the matrix above by three lines the following long term can be seen intertwining with the term tsunami:

I see here the description of the first stage of initiating a tsunami. We have been told that a massive or "mighty land" shift or land mass "correction," or movement of the foundation — foot-rest gives the initial push to the seawater. The long term above suggests this description. The last three words in the term are giving an "order" to "enlighten" this religious message about the tsunami.

Crime and Punishment?

Why was there a command to the water? Is there more evidence than above that something was wrong? There is a strong emphasis on the key word punishment in the following matrix. Not only does the word punishment appear three times as part of a bigger sentence, but there are several other factors giving it much more weight. The word punishment as it appears at its lowest skip in the matrix is used in each of the three cases. The sentence relating to punishment and a sign of G-d, is very prominent and parallel to the long term describing the tsunami in Hebrew as waves of the sea (both are vertical in the matrix). The two other terms intersect the above term and share a letter with it or two letters "touch" each other. Furthermore, two of the three terms indicate that it is G-d's punishment. The fourth term, just like the other two, crosses the first term and shares a letter with it. It expounds on "G-d's punishment" that it is a result. The term result by itself is statistically significant in the matrix. It also appears significantly in the matrix horizontally. When we expand it, it will not fit in the matrix. On the other hand, it forms an interesting term that may shed light on the issue:

— It is a term of Biblical origin. It appears three times in the entire Bible. In Micah 6:16, it appears in a similar context: " . . . that I may make thee an astonishment, and the inhabitants thereof a hissing; . . . ."

G-d's punishment with destruction is detailed many times in the Bible. Perhaps one of the most familiar stories is of the flood where most of the population of the earth was eliminated. We also saw some remarkable Bible codes in the past verifying that G-d's hand is at work. The complex SARS epidemic matrix was one such example. Below are some remarkable references that are in perfect Hebrew — and against tremendous odds tell the story of SARS and who brought it. It is interesting that both the NON-HEBREW names of tsunami, and the virus chlamydia (see below) spell out in Hebrew that it is G-d's will. In both disasters (SARS and tsunami), the codes specify promiscuity () as the cause. In the case of the flood, promiscuity also played a major role.

The chapters: verses: and letter-numbers are found in Deuteronomy.

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In the case of the SARS virus, there was a silent killer. No force was seen. In the tsunami case, there was a demonstration of force. We have seen after the drowning of the Egyptian army the term (with force) where it appears for the first time in the Bible (Exodus 15:6, Thy right hand, O LORD, glorious in power, Thy right hand, O LORD, dasheth in pieces the enemy). In Psalms 29, the story is retold. In verse 3, we note "The voice of the LORD is upon the waters; the God of glory thundereth, even the LORD upon many waters." In verse four, it says "The voice of the LORD is powerful; the voice of the LORD is full of majesty." While verse ten refers to a flood, "The LORD sat enthroned at the flood; yea, the LORD sitteth as King for ever." All that was done with a devastating force similar to the tsunami. In the table below, we can see two terms from the greater matrix that indicate that it was the force of G-d. Over and above the fact that each term is statistically significant in its own right, they are facing each other and meet at the letter chet. It was just as in Egypt where the water came from both sides. In the tsunami, the water, however, first came from the sea, then swept back to the sea. Finally, note the third term in the table below. It is part of the first term, but it extends. It describes the line in the sand that was drawn. The land from the sea to that line remained desolated.



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