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November/December 2005

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Why a Wilma? What is in a name, and do ELS skip sizes have meaning? Moshe Aharon Shak seeks to answer these questions and others as he explores findings on Hurricane Wilma.

Bottom Line Message Bible codes affirm God's authorship of a book that conflicts with many popular beliefs. So, we look at the question of whether your good works can save you.

Shimon Peres Moshe Aharon Shak presents his findings on Shimon Peres, the ex-Prime Minister of Israel.


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We are pleased to announce that the sales of Bible Code Bombshell reached 3,867 copies out of a first printing of 5,500 as of December 13, 2005. Many thanks to all of you who have purchased the book.

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Tell Ed I listened to his 3-hour show on Coast to Coast AM. Ed has become a lot more polished for a couple of reasons. First is being able to discuss code findings by others, which vastly
expands the breadth of findings for listeners. Second, not being defensive. Good job.

The big jump in rankings for Bible Code Bombshell shows that the audience liked what they heard.

On your new rating article, the purpose of it is sorely needed. There are still lots of people who are misled by Brendan's website and by the short matrixes of beginner level people. For example, lots of people visit the website and most of those matrixes are Drosnin level except the more recent ones done by Fabrice (in France). I had pointed out to him that he needs to snoop his matrixes because almost every one is extendible. So he is learning. Maybe it would be good to include a sample of matrixes as another column (by various people) because lots of visitors think they are the ones publishing Bible code truths. I know because they e-mail me and ask. However, if that is too hard, then forget it, because the point of your article will have the effect of weaning people from believing most of the minimal matrixes on the Exodus2006 website. Of course I could say the same thing about the outlandish claims of Sherry Shriner's website too. :-) You'd have to see that to believe it. And of course best-selling author Kathleen Keating has Drosnin-like matrixes on her website and has a large Catholic audience believing her stuff.

My objective in pointing out these well-known and visited websites is not to belittle them, but to encourage doing Bible code matrixes with longer terms.

If you want to include one more codes' authors in your article, then Walter York's book, Nephilim: The Fallen Ones has 7 matrixes that meet the criteria of 3 or more terms in a matrix with 8 or more letters in each term:

Caesar, page 73, 9 terms with 8 or more letters, score 37
War, page 130, 7 terms with 8 or more letters, score 25
Cain, page 142, 4 terms with 8 or more letters, score 14
Nod, page 143, 3 terms with 8 or more letters, score 13
Hell, page 144, 3 terms with 8 or more letters, score 10
Savior, page 145, 3 terms with 8 or more letters, score 7
City, page 146, 3 terms with 8 or more letters, score 17

Total score for all matrixes in NEPHILIM book = 123

Best wishes,
Roy Reinhold


News: Bible Code Confirms Sharon Party Volcano

There is the road map.

Here is one page of information as a follow-up on The Disengagement of Gaza article.

I'm sure your readers would be interested in this while it is still a current event



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