Hurricane Katrina:

Code Findings Echo Recent Headlines
and the Content of the Literal Text


The Literal Text

It is always a fascinating exercise to examine the literal text that the code passes through. Below I present a look at the verses in the literal text in Deuteronomy where the Katrina codes pass through.

After I worked hard and found enough terms to lead me to believe that I was on the right track, I realized that, according to the guidelines in my book Bible Codes Breakthrough, the surface text did not play a significant role in the matrix. This cardinal self-imposed rule requires that the statistical significance of each term will have an R-value of at least 1.3 (or 20:1 odds against being in the matrix). To resolve this question, I looked closely at the matrix above. I found at least 11 statistically and content significant terms that tell the story.

New Orleans, the hardest hit city, was the gateway to slavery when slavery was widespread in the region. The term: "Then thou shalt say unto thy son: 'We were bondmen' " is applicable to the city whose buildings bear the signs of slavery to this day.

The next section in the table above suggests that life and death is Hashem's will: "But by every thing that proceedeth out of the mouth of the LORD doth man live." There are other terms there indicating that Hashem floods; that it is His mighty hand; and that we are to see this. The table continues, showing what Hashem wants from us.

Lowest Skip of a Katrina ELS in the Torah
(Together with Portions of Literal Text Where the ELS Appears)

The Question of Transliteration: Tet or Taf?

I faced several challenges in this research. The first was, how do I spell Katrina? In the Israeli news, even on the same web site, even in the same article in two consecutive sentences, I could see it spelled in two different ways. In numerous places, Katrina is spelled with a taf, while in numerous other places it is spelled with a tet. If we transliterate by the sound alone, both are correct. Fortunately, the media did not use other possible transliterations. Note that some Bible codes researchers could extend the possibilities of transliteration by using a caf instead of kuf, etc.

I chose to look at the tet version for several reasons: First, Hebrew names are not typically written with a tet as opposed to a taf. Second, two major events took place at the same week. In Gaza, there was evacuation just as in New Orleans. The police and army were called to help and then to enforce evacuation and maintain order. In Israel, there was a concern for Gaza, in the U.S. there was a concern for Gaz (gas). There were other common denominators. One of those factors was that in Gaza, the main evacuation concentrated in the area known as Gush KATif. In New Orleans, the evacuation was force by KATrina. In Hebrew, Katif is spelled with a kuf tet just as I chose for Katrina. A third reason for choosing Katrina with a tet was an interesting Gematria that a BCD reader brought to my attention. However, if I had any doubts, they all disappeared when I extended the term Katrina with a tet and immediately got an interesting term as shown above: "Horrible Katrina."

  1. The term Katrina above is at its lowest skip in the Torah.
  2. Depending on how one looks at the few letters preceding Katrina, we may get the additional meaningful terms: with yud mem: The sea of Katrina; with caf heh yud mem: So terrible Katrina.
  3. In the entire Bible using CodeFinder as a searching tool, Katrina with a tet at a skip of 1 in Daniel 5:12 extends to: Katrina placed strength (or is a basis of strength); at the second lowest skip of minus 183 in Zephaniah starting at chapter 1, verse 6, the extensions spells: come Katrina, woe, wailing; at the third lowest skip at 328, the extension spells: Katrina, the mouth of Hashem; at the fourth lowest skip at 446 the extension spells: Hashem, the path of Katrina like a sheep (to the slaughter I assume) hay (home, like straw I assume)

Addendum: The Literal Text Where the Katrina ELS with the Lowest Skip in the Tanach Appears

The literal text where the Katrina ELS with the smallest skip in the entire Tanach appears is fascinating. It appears in Daniel.

Lowest Skip in the Tanach (Bible) Table
The Writing on the Wall

The above table is all at skip = 1, which means that it is the literal text. The Hebrew in the first term relates to the end of verse shown. The Hebrew in the second verse is part of two words that make up the term Katrina. Finally, the Hebrew in the third term is the beginning of the verse.

Katrina above is in the heart of the story of the writing on the wall when King Belteshazzar could not interpret the event. In his entire kingdom, no one was able to help him solve the mystery except Daniel. Was Katrina also the writing on the wall as claimed by so many Christians, Moslems, and Jews? I've heard many different reasons given by many people from different points of view. I performed this research in part to investigate some of the claims.

It is quite fascinating that the same answers to key questions that appear in the literal text of the Bible are repeated in code findings in a way that is unlikely to occur by chance.

Hurricane Katrina and the date appear in the matrix. New Orleans does not. Perhaps New Orleans is not the main story. It is possible that a bigger real estate is involved. Perhaps in New Orleans there was a wall, and the walls came tumbling down.

  1. In New Orleans, there are two types of walls full of holes. The levees allowed the water to go through soon after Katrina left. The other walls were constructed to constrain the slaves that were brought to America. In the walls, there were holes to put the head and arms to show potential buyers the merchandise.
  2. Katrina at its shortest skip in the Bible appears in the middle of the story of solving a "Bible Code." The powerful king of the most powerful nation in the world does not know the answer to the written code on the wall. The learned sage, Daniel, who is also able to solve dreams like the famous Joseph, decodes the message and tells the king the bad news and about the downfall to come. Joseph was another Jewish sage who decoded a message to the powerful king of the most powerful nation in the world. "Bad things are coming," Joseph told Pharaoh. Joseph also explained to Pharaoh how to save the day. Today, we have a powerful ruler in the most powerful nation in the world. There is no doubt that that ruler is involved and by his own admission responsible to a certain degree for some of the bad things that happened. Does the ruler need the sage Joseph to decode Hashem's will? Joseph's brothers hated him for his (forecasting) dreams. Most people would probably say that Joseph was politically incorrect. However, here is a twist. For the hurricane twister: In Daniel, the word Katrina is made up of two words: Katrin, and the heh of the next word. The Aramaic meaning of Katrin is knots or ties (connections). There are indications here that there is a connection or a tie to the powerful rulers and bad things to come as indicated by the sages. The name Obadiah, or servant of Hashem appears in a matrix with Katrina (skip = 1) at a skip of -71 and at an R-value of 2.6.
  3. Are the codes telling us that the president of the U.S. is wrong? The very long term below, suggests that the President is BAD. However, this is NOT conclusive! Note that the same word is translated below as "chieftain," means also in Hebrew "minister." No matter how long a term is, one must not make conclusions. This term, however, does illustrate that the president is perceived to be bad. Assuming that "a minister" was bad in a given situation, the implications are not very pleasant for the president.

    [Moshe Shak bases his matrices on strict rules as outlined in his book Bible Codes Breakthrough. He only uses statistically significant terms, and many other strict rules to minimize the chance of presenting bogus "codes." Contact Moshe at]

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