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Why a Wilma?

Expanded Version of Conclusions

The Judgment Message

The five lowest-skip Wilma-terms in the Bible tell a story:
    -2: Hashem spoke; Hashem will kill; Hashem's volcano; for Hashem is our G-d and will guide us forever.

    -3: Wilma is Hashem's angel; Hashem will order to invade the cheaters.

    +4: There is no man that hath power over the wind [especially a 282 km/hour wind], or power over the day of death.

    +5: Hashem planted Wilma, because "we" have strayed away from his ways.

    -5: Well, why woe? Why is the hurricane here? The hurricane replies (in the above four terms).

There is another (sixth) Wilma term at a skip of five within the following verse.
    Thus saith the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel: Behold, I will bring upon this city and upon all her towns all the evil that I have pronounced against it; because they have made their neck stiff, that they might not hear My words. (Jeremiah 19:15)

Note that the codes in the skips of five and minus five in Jeremiah are a question and answer in the same book. Why use the rod? "They have made their neck stiff, that they might not hear My words."

The Significance of the Skip

A. The repeating of the number five, which represents judgment in this matrix is pervasive:
  1. The shortest skip of the term Wilma in the Torah = 5,
  2. The number of the Wilma terms in the concentrated matrix of Wilma = 5,
  3. The number five is prominent in the skip of the five terms by either being equal to the sum of digits of the skip (three cases) or is a multiple of the number five (two cases).
  4. The total number of fives as outlined in #3 above is 15, also a multiple of five.
  5. Half of the first six shortest skips for the term Wilma in the Bible are five (two fives and one minus five).
  6. The first two lowest skips below five, add up to five. (-2) + (-3) = -5 or 5
  7. It is also remarkable that 2 of the 6 shortest skips in the Torah add up to 5: 5 & 14, while 2 others are a multiple of 5: 15 & 20. This is more than double the expected number of occurrences.

B. There are other remarkable features where the skip plays a major role:
  1. The shortest skips in the Torah give in gematria the following message: "The judgment is supernatural from the hand of Hashem As Hashem lives."
  2. The gematria of the term Wilma equals the gematria of the skips in the concentrated matrix, and equals the gematria of Just Holiness.
  3. The derivation of the term Hashem's Judgment! by gematria matches the find of the same term in the same matrix at a skip of -31.
  4. It is shown above that -31 is a representation of the term Hashem.


The three Wilma terms in the Torah shown above tell the same story.

14: All the commandment which I command thee this day shall ye observe to do.
15: Thine eyes saw . . . the signs, the wonders, and the mighty hand . . .
-23: Lest thou forget the LORD thy God, in not keeping His commandments.

Observe the commandments or the mighty hand of Hashem
and His wonders will punish lest thou forget.

If this is not enough, one may refer back to the Hurricane Katrina article. The big matrix in the Torah paralleled many headlines. However, the specific moral issues of "do" and "do not do" concentrated in the surface text next to the long term: Horrible Katrina. Similarly, the term Katrina at its lowest skip (-1) found in the entire Bible, was found in the midst of the story of Daniel telling King Belteshazzar that the writing is on the wall.

In the search above, it is shown in purple how relevant are the verses in the Bible where the term Wilma appears. In the outline above in purple, we have four out of six relevant verses at the shortest skips in the entire Bible. This gives us a 67% rate of success. In the shortest skip term in the Torah, we have one matrix with FIVE identical terms at various skips all within relevant verses. The rate of success in the Torah is even higher.

Since the term used, at its longest skip (in the entire Bible), is five, the overall number of characters it occupies in the Bible is very small, and in most cases it overlaps one or two verses.

A skeptic may argue that the Bible is full of warnings and supernatural events. They might claim that one would expect to see such verses crossing most terms. That may be easy to say, but very difficult to show. I varied the sequence of the letters in Wilma and looked at the type of verses where these scrambled letter ELSs were located. For the ones I checked, the percentage of verses that covered these topics was far less than the 70% observed for the actual Wilma ELSs.

[Moshe Shak bases his matrices on strict rules as outlined in his book Bible Codes Breakthrough. He only uses statistically significant terms, and many other strict rules to minimize the chance of presenting bogus "codes." Contact Moshe at]

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