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Shimon Peres

About Which Peres are We Talking?

We may now focus on part of the matrix above. The matrix below addresses Peres: You Peres! It relates to his loss in the Israeli Presidential Election in 2000, and the fact that he is no contender in the Israeli 2001 Prime Minister Election. The matrix below is split into three lines: The center is the address to You Peres. The bottom spells the years in question. The top line is a concentration of terms spelling out that he will not be elected from all other ministers to be a ruler. He will not be elected president. He will not be a weak peace ruler. He is associated with a weak peace that one can only be ashamed of. The term is associated with bending/bowing down one's head. This is the story of Shimon Peres in the years 2000-2001.

The Skips:

However, there is more to the matrix than letters and meanings. There are also numbers (of skips) and meaning. In my articles about Wilma and a future article about the End of Days, I deal with the meaning of specific numbers.

Eight "Supernatural"

In this matrix, the term will not be elected is at a skip of eight. There is no parallel to any political figure running for such a high office so many times and losing "a sure thing" practically overnight repeatedly. Eight stands for supernatural. The Peres losing streak phenomenon is supernatural.

Five "Judgment"

The other key term is Peres of course. The single most significant Peres term is at a skip of five. It appears twice in the larger matrix. Two times five is also the number of times (10) the term Peres appears in the five verses above. The third critical term in the matrix above is Peres' birthday on the 4th of Elul. The skip is minus five. The term that describes Peres best as a loser in good Hebrew (instead of the transliterated version that he is called in Israel) states it is not comfortable a cunning person loses. Peres is cunning, and he is known as the loser. The sentence is judgmental, as it states three crucial definitions of Peres. The skip of the term is
-122 = 1+2+2 = 5 again. In the long term, there is a question of why there is no cure for Peres. It is followed by a judgment, therefore, Hashem will not elect you. Five is equal to judgment. Peres is confined to a judgmental mini Peres matrix. Finally, note that in the two years that it was deemed that Peres will not be elected: years 2000 and 2001, the skip is minus five. It is a negative judgment against Peres.

Ninety-Seven "Hashem's Signature"

The final number of interest is 97. It is the skip of the statistically significant term representing the year of Peres' current election loss. In the Wilma article, I noted that 97 is represented by the letter tzadik and zain, representing righteousness, and holiness. Typically, when a document is finished it is dated and signed. In this case, the date and author are combined as 2005, and the Hashem acronym standing for justice, righteousness, and holiness.

Reflecting the Current Mood

The following matrix reflects the current mood in Israel based on several polls published up to December 12, 2005. It must be noted that the polls in Israel do not always reflect the final results, as Shimon Peres can testify. On many occasions Peres was leading at the polls only to lose at election time. There are over 100 days until The Knesset election in Israel and much can change. The matrix indicates the final results if elections were to be held as scheduled. The election date may still be changed according to law, and there are those who are trying to achieve just that.

This matrix is found in Genesis:

[Moshe Shak bases his matrices on strict rules as outlined in his book Bible Codes Breakthrough. He only uses statistically significant terms, and many other strict rules to minimize the chance of presenting bogus "codes." Contact Moshe at]

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