The 296-Letter-Long
Shimon Peres Code


D. The Overall Peres Matrix

If we turn the long term into a matrix that is eight letters wide, we get the overall Peres Matrix. Many of the terms in that matrix were already shown in the previous article on Peres and are referred to at the beginning of this article. Below are additional terms and the current political stage in Shimon Peres' life.

In addition, in the matrix there are terms that confirm the long-term message. Below, there are some examples:

The last term above Defeat! . . . confirms the main theme of the long term, (i.e., my name will not elect you).

E. The Symbolism of the 296-Letter-Long Code

The Length

The length of the term is 296 letters. The letters it represents are 200 = reish; 90 = tzadik; 6 = vav. The meaning of those three letters is "they ran" or it can also mean "they wanted." Indeed, they both RAN for the office they WANTED. Both names are prominent in the matrix. There is the term that Amir (Peretz) will rejoice. The three letters representing the numerical value of the length also hint who the winner will be: The reish is common for both runners. The tzadik, however, is only found in the name of Peretz (the winner).

The Skip and the Number Eight

The skip of the long term is eight. Eight stands for "supernatural." The skip is very short, while the length is supernaturally long at 296. It also tells a supernatural story about a man who is always ahead in the polls, but is never elected. The number eight is prominent in many ways as is summarized below.
  1. The long term has a skip of eight
  2. The long term is a factor of eight, 296 letters long or 37 x 8
  3. Shimon Peres was born on August 16, 1923. The day is a factor of eight, and the month is eight
  4. Shimon Peres has eight letters in his name shin mem ain vav num-sofit peh reish samech
  5. The Peres matrix and long term are found in the Torah section called Shemini or eighth
  6. Peres is the eighth Israeli Prime Minister (see the list of Prime Ministers in this article)
  7. Peres became Prime Minister serving in his eighth government session (see the blue numbers in the table below)
  8. In his eighth role in the government, Peres became Prime Minister (see red numbers below). In some sessions, he had one role. In others, he had several roles at the same time.
  9. Peres will be remembered as the person who served eight times as either Prime Minister or second in command (see purple numbers below)
  10. Peres lost all his bids (eight) to become the top Israeli leader

The Significance

The problem that we face is in understanding what the ELS is really saying? What kind of corroboration does it have? The 296-letter-long term on its own is telling a clear story. The overall matrix corroborates it. If we were to look at the same term in reverse order, it would be very difficult to make sense of any story. On the other hand, we do have a 32-letter-long section as described below that makes sentences in Hebrew.

There is some corroboration to the theme of the matrix with words such as shot and death (hinting at Yitzchak Rabin) and show yourself upright (perhaps hinting at Peres), but it is difficult to ascertain that it really makes sense as part of an overall message within the matrix. It does not mean that it does not belong there. It means that I cannot see it. Yes, Yitzchak Rabin was described as a lone(r) (wolf). His blood was scattered. However, who is the lion as the term asks? Did Rabin come with a lion (Peres)? Did the murderer come with someone who can be labeled a lion or animalistic king? Who should show himself upright?

The above discussion is only to show how often I face long terms that I discard in order not to burden the reader with speculations that may be limitless or fruitless. On the few occasions that long ELS are found, by far more often than not, the message is unclear or simply incompressible to the reader. On the other hand, let us not forget that by definition, codes are not supposed to be easily found by anyone. One has to gain knowledge to appreciate and understand what is shown. Certainly, understanding the five books of Moses (the Torah) helped me on many occasions to solve Bible codes puzzles. Gaining deeper understanding of the Bible is a big asset. This particular Peres article was initiated primarily because I knew a location in the Bible were the term Peres appears repeatedly. Therefore, even if there are codes within the Bible codes, even if many people do not understand the (Biblical) Hebrew, even if many are not even aware of acronyms, once the puzzles unfold, it is nothing short of inspiration.

However, there is much more to the significance of the long term than the fact that so many letters are used to bring together a story. The 296-letter-long term tells the events of Shimon Peres life in chronological sequence. Listed below are the events listed at the beginning of the article, but in fewer groups. Each event is listed in chronological order, with events two through 11 occurring in sequence during each election.
  1. Peres' wife views; Peres hawkish views at his early career; and his moon-like waning and waxing tendencies
  2. Falsely portrayed
  3. Error in expectations revealed
  4. He hates the results
  5. He claims that the opposition cheated
  6. He is degraded
  7. He looks up to Hashem and complains again
  8. He prays to be elected
  9. . . . Since the opposition was afraid, they used bribes
  10. Next Peres is floating (feeling good about the next election)
  11. He should have quit
  12. Was there a connection to Rabin's murder?
  13. How is the issue going to be resolved?
  14. Hashem is not with Peres (in Peres' final election run)
  15. Peres was misled (in many ways)
  16. (Present) This is a year of destruction (for Peres being Prime Minister; in the Labor Party?)
  17. Peres complains again (He never stops . . . ) now about the center party
  18. Labor's woe (poor showing at the current polls) delights Peres
  19. The Labor Party wants Peres back (he is a magnet for votes as per recent polls)
  20. He still has great political strength (even if he is not going to be the Prime Minister or even a party head)

Now, if we look only at the probability of having 20 statements in the right sequence (chronologically), we get a huge odds against it happening, calculated as one to 20!, or 2,432,902,008,176,640,000 [2.43 X 10 to the power of 18] (i.e., 20x19x18xx3x2x1). These are incredible odds for first finding such a long term, and then having the facts in chronological sequence.

Typically, when terms are found in a matrix, no matter how long and impressive each term is, one can seldom claim that the facts are in any specific sequence because typically they are not. There is no argument here, however, since all the facts are found in one long chain of letters.

F. The Location of Peres in the Bible

Shimon Peres is the eighth Israeli Prime Minister. Below is a list of the Prime Ministers with the date they served as a Prime Minister for the first time and second time, if another person served a Prime Minister in between. (Dates are listed in day/month/year format)
  1. David Ben Gurion (10/03/1949 and 03/11/1955),
  2. Moshe Sharet (26/01/1954),
  3. Levi Eshkol (26/6/1966),
  4. Golda Meir (17/03/1969),
  5. Yitzchak Rabin (03/06/1974 and 13/07/1992),
  6. Menachem Begin (20/6/1977),
  7. Yitzchak Shamir (10/10/1983 and 22/12/1988 ),
  8. Shimon Peres (13/09/1984 and 22/11/1995)

The Shimon Peres matrix is located in the Jewish weekly portion of the Bible called "Eighth." The Torah is divided into 52 portions starting with Genesis, and each week, the next portion is read in synagogue. The portion Shemini (Eighth) is based on the first verse in Leviticus 9:1, "And it came to pass on the eighth day, that Moses called Aaron and his sons, and the elders of Israel." The portion ends at Leviticus 11:47. The 296-letter-long term, starts at Leviticus 10:1 and end at 11:27. It is based on a skip of eight letters.

In addition, the length of the term (296) at skip eight (8) is divisible by eight. The result is 37, or in letters, it is lamed-zain that can be transliterated as "lose" (i.e., the missing vav is acceptable for transliteration as the vowel). Also, the term eight in Hebrew is shemoneh or shin mem vav nun heh. The same spelling means, "that was appointed." Twice Peres was appointed Prime Minister. The possible implication . . . the loser that was appointed?

The Shemini portion in Hebrew states: Vayehi bayom hashemini. The first word, foreshadows problems according to Jewish tradition. The second word, as used in the text, means on the day. It can also mean "staging of . . ." The second and third words can be seen as Staging of the Eighth. Indeed, the Shemini portion is being used to stage Shimon Peres. It is interesting that the long term is presented like a stage play at the beginning of this article.

The bull's eye of where Peres is located in the Shemini portion, is in Leviticus 11:3 (gimel) to 7 (zain). In the five verses, the name of Peres appears numerous times in red as shown below, as well as at various skips (not shown here).

Peres, the dove, is known for his peace efforts, and his views may be summarized from the end of verse two:

However, the five verses that contain the numerous Peres terms are remarkable for another reason. The literal verses outline what is kosher, and what is not. What is right, and what is wrong. The first verse gives the general rule for kosher four-legged animals, and the following four verses give examples of non-kosher animals. The exceptions first emphasize why an animal may appear to be kosher, but give the sign why it is not. Our sages explain that it is more dangerous to have the appearance of being right, when in fact it is wrong. We must be extra careful. The text states three times, "He is tainted for you" . In English, we use the pronoun "it" for an animal, but in Hebrew, the translation for the word . is "he." In a slight variation, the text repeats the same message a fourth time with: . When the letter heh is attached to the word "he," the message becomes "that one is tainted for you."

What is remarkable is that with all the attraction that Peres has for the Israeli voter, when it comes to winning an election, he appears to be tainted. He cannot win an election. In the four times that the text emphasizes that "he is tainted," it specifies for you (the Jewish people). Note that primarily Jews practice the kosher dietary laws. The same applies to Peres. Shimon Peres is one of the most popular personalities in the world. He even won a Noble Prize for peace. However, the fact is that for the Israelis he is tainted. They label him "the loser" who does not win elections. The real question, however, is the extent of the code. Is Hashem giving us an indication that Shimon Peres really is tainted? Does Peres appear to be kosher on the surface, just like some of the non-kosher animals? Does it tell us that we should keep away from him, or more specifically, from his approach?

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