The 296-Letter-Long
Shimon Peres Code


G. Shimon Peres and the Current Israeli Election
(March 28, 2006)

The location of matrix below based on the shortest skip in the Torah for the date of the 2006 Israeli election was established in November 2005. It was established well before:
  1. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffered his stroke.
  2. Ehud Olmert became the leader of the Kadima Party.
  3. Mr. Lapid of the Shinui Party left the party that is now in ruins.
  4. The two "national" parties merged, but both their names combine now to form a new party: National Union National Religious Party.
  5. The Labor Party took a nosedive at the polls from 28 seats to well below 20.
  6. The candidates for each party were established with their ranks within their party.
  7. The election campaigns even began.
  8. Anyone knew that Shimon Peres was in a position to challenge Ehud Olmert for the leadership of Kadima and by doing so to take the chance of demolishing the new party. (Peres had the full backing of the polls! Ehyud Olmert gave Peres the number two position in the party to avoid such a confrontation. Once again, Peres was not elected but given a top position in the party).

It was noted earlier in this article that this is a year of destruction for Shimon Peres. Incredibly, once again Shimon Peres was leading in the polls! As Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is fighting for his life, the Kadima party has to choose a new candidate to lead them in the election. Polls were conducted to see who was the best person (yes, there was even a very serious female contender). The polls revealed that Shimon Peres, at the head of the Kadima party, would bring in more votes than anyone else. The leadership at Kadima, however, knows very well the story of the polls and Shimon Peres. They all support the less popular man in the polls, Ehud Olmert.

Genesis Matrix

As the codes in the Genesis matrix below indicate, Peres is no longer in the Labor Party. He switched to Kadima, and he indicated that he does not wish to become a cabinet minister again. The codes below indicate his woes in the Labor party. They indicate that Amir (Peretz) is the ruler there. They also indicate the party-heads for all the other major parties. They show the troubles that Lapid the head of Shinui has. He is sleeping and is labeled by polls as the key reason for his party losing most of their current seats. The codes also spell out that Benjamin Netanyahu has his woes. As indicated in the previous Shimon Peres article, the codes spell out we will be crushed. It now appears that two parties will be crushed: Shinui and Likud. The codes are also telling the story just before Ariel Sharon suffered his stroke. He had the majority of the seats according to the polls, and at the same time, some were complaining about deeds that he was accused of years ago, but that were never proven.

To verify that all those events are current, let us compare the year/end (y/e) polls forecast for 2005 and the codes version of the March 28, 2006 election. Note that all the parities are found in the matrix below, and most of the results indicate no difference or a one-seat difference between the polls and the codes. Furthermore, a one seat difference is within statistical error. This does not tell us, however, where the error is. Is it not more likely that the polls were slightly off?

The table below summarizes the parties standing. On the left, the parties are shown with their seats in the polls vs. their seat in the codes for 91 seats. On the right, four parties with 29 seats are shown with their seats in the polls vs. current standings. Special notes for those parties are outlined below.


1. Likud

2. Shinui*

In the codes below, the possibilities are that Shinui will get 50, five, or zero seats. At the end of 2005, one of the polls actually showed that Shinui will not make it. On January 18, 2006, another major poll showed Shinui without any seats. Both versions are indicated in the codes. By mid-February 2006, the Shinui party is split, in chaos, and without much of a chance to get any seats. Difference = 0

3. National Union

The codes indicate eight. In January 2006, there was a poll showing the National Union at eight. Other polls showed figures slightly higher than four. Difference = 4 or less.

4. Meretz

Here we have a question of how do we interpret a code that requires two identical terms to bring the R-value above a minimum of 1.3. If my interpretation is correct (see below), then we have five seats for Meretz. Difference = 0?

5. Crushes Them . . . Likud and Shinui

The year-end polls foresaw two parties being crushed the Likud and Shinui. The codes as outlined in this article, foresee the same outcome. Late in January 2006, the Shinui party seems to have been demolished.

The four versions of the code above are not repeated in the matrix below. They tell, however, an interesting story beyond the crush of two parties. The longest version can be read in two ways:

The truthful G-d crushes them two. He circumcised two [two parties].

It can also be read as:

He crushes them to the truth. Two he circumcises two [two parties].

What must be understood, as is elaborated in the July/August 2005 Disengagement article and in the current Disengagement article, which appears in this Digest, is that the codes suggest that giving away Hashem's gift of the land disengaging from Gaza is wrong. The Likud was in charge of that disengagement. It is now going to be crushed/circumcised. The Shinui party has also acted loud and clear against those who believe in Hashem. The only reason for the Shinui's party formation was a deep-seated dislike for laws that support the orthodox community. Even if the party is not erased outright, it seems like it will be crushed. It's as though the two parties are saying, "Woe, we shall be crushed."

H. The Matrix

Was such a complex matrix sewn up to suit a given poll or set of polls?

  • The Kadima party was as high as 45 and as low as 35 seats in the polls.
  • The Labor party was as high as 28 and as low as 17 seats in the polls.
  • The Likud party was as high as 17 and as low as 12 seats in the polls.
  • The Shas party was as high as 13 and as low as 8 seats in the polls.
  • The National Union Party and the National Religious Party joined to become one party in mid-February. The latest polls have them at 10 total seats. The codes indicated 10 for National Union Party and two for the National Religious Party. A difference of zero.

To find so many parties with indication of seats and their leaders is remarkable. It is remarkable even if it was only accurate for the year end. It will be interesting to see the real results after the election.

I. Final Thoughts

In the previous Peres article, it was outlined that Peres lost five election bids to become Prime Minister in 1977, 1891, 1984, 1988 and 1996. He also lost a bid to become the president of Israel in 2000. Peres lost many other election bids including three to Yitzchak Rabin in 1974, 1976 and 1992. The final bid to become the head of Labor he lost in 2005. There is, however, a suggestion in the codes that Peres will lose eight elections.

, Will not be elected
Skip = 8, R-Factor = 3.090, Start Lev. 11:9:60, End = Lev. 11:10:39

, From eight
Skip = 11, R-Factor = 2.470, Lev. 10:12:80, End = Lev. 10:13:39

As described earlier, the 296-letter-long term is divisible by eight resulting in the number 37. The Hebrew letters representing 37 are lamed-zain which are the transliteration for "lose." It fits well with the common name that Peres is known in Israel as "the loser." Peres lost many more than eight elections, but the first six above are the most prominent. What are the codes implying?

In 1988, Yitzchak Shamir of the Likud formed a coalition with the Labor Party. In 1990, Peres formed a secret deal with Chaim Ramon, Yossi Beilin and Areih Deri of the Shas party to topple the existing government and become the next Prime Minister. At the end of the maneuvers, Peres lost his bid to be elected by the Knesset members to become the next Prime Minister. When Peres could not master a majority to form a coalition, Chaim Hertzog the President of Israel appointed Shamir to form a coalition. Shamir succeeded. This particular maneuver by Peres is know as the stinking exercise.

Is it possible that now we will see the following unfold?

Peres joins the Kadima party and declares that he has no ambition to become Prime Minister. Yet, Sharon is sick and cannot act as the Prime Minister. Peres at this time believes that he is in a different ball game, and since Sharon is out, he may be needed. Once again, the polls play a major roll in Peres' life. Peres is shown in the polls to be the most desirable candidate to lead the Kadima party. He is ahead of Ehud Olmert! However, all the members of the Kadima party pledge allegiance to Olmert. They all do, except Peres. It takes a few long days before Peres declares that he will support Olmert after he is promised to become number two in the Kadima party after Ehud Olmert. Once again, the polls elect Peres to become the Prime Minister of Israel (as it is apparent that the Kadima Party will form the next government). However, once again, for the eighth consecutive time Peres loses a bid to become the top person in Israel.

Elections 2006

Now the big question is: Are the codes showing the mood of the nation, or are these divine results for Election Day? The three codes below, in my opinion dwell on this issue. It appears that the first two terms are related to one another by sharing a letter [reish see note below]. More important, I believe, is the third term. In Genesis 14:19, the verb created refers to Hashem the creator and possessor of the universe. Hashem rewards and punishes. His name will not vote for Shimon Peres. He will seriously weaken the parties that He wants to those that do not follow His ways.

Is this an indication of the polls leading up to the election only? Is it possible that the term woe crushes them will apply to the polls? The actual results term can be in past AND present tense (i.e., two sets of results).

This revelation on the outlook of the election, I believe, is merely to indirectly draw our attention to moral issues rather than to the less important issues of how many seats each party wins.

Why draw our attention indirectly? Hashem already drew our attention to what is right and wrong in the literal text in which the Bible codes are found. This is one more miracle to show that the Bible is divine.


[Moshe Shak bases his matrices on strict rules as outlined in his book Bible Codes Breakthrough. He only uses statistically significant terms, and many other strict rules to minimize the chance of presenting bogus "codes." Contact Moshe at]

Moshe Aharon Shak is a frequent contributor to BCD. If you are interested in reading more articles by Shak, be sure to visit the Directory of Moshe Aharon Shak's Articles for links to his other articles posted on BCD's site.

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