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May/June 2006

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Correspondence Feedback from our readers.

Da Vinci Code Articles

Dan Brown's controversial bestseller has stirred much interest about codes. We present six articles that survey the waterfront of this topic.

The Da Vinci Code: What Bible Codes Have to Say A summary of key codes that detail the plot and comment on the quality of the novel.

G-d: I Shall Erase the Song A lengthy Bible code portends the flatness of the movie.

Moshe Shak's In-Depth Report Explore all the details of Shak's extensive findings on The Da Vinci Code novel. (This article is a reprint of an article first published in our January/February 2005 Digest.)

Venturing Beyond The Da Vinci Code Seven ways you can move beyond the novel and check out real, live codes, rather than just enjoying fictional ones.

Comparing Dan Brown's Codes with Bible Codes How do these two types of codes compare in terms of their validity, length, complexity, prophetic content and purpose?

An Introduction to the Range of Types of Bible Code Phenomena A primer on the most common types of Bible codes, plus a listing of more advanced forms of Bible code phenomena.

Letter Difference Articles

The Unexpected Effects of Letter Differences on Codes Do textual differences invalidate codes or create opportunities for additional codes?

A Review of The Bible Code Myth by Michael S. Heiser Are code skeptics who believe textual differences make codes invalid just putting God in a box? (This article is an edited reprint of an article first published in our July 2001 Digest.)

The Effects of a Letter Insertion Using the Gettysburg Address, this article illustrates what a single letter difference in the text does to a code.

The Effects of Transcription Errors Surveying the effects of all types of errors. (This article is an edited reprint of an article first published in our August 2000 Digest.)


Second Printing of Bombshell

We are very pleased to announce that the first printing of 5,500 copies of Bible Code Bombshell has sold out, and New Leaf Press has already published a second printing of Bombshell. Many thanks to all our readers who have purchased a copy of Bombshell. If you don't already own a copy or would like to buy a copy for a friend, Amazon has discounted the regular price of $13.99 to $10.77. Buy one today.

Website Search Function

We are pleased to report that the search function on our site (which has not worked for quite some time) is now operational. We hope this feature will assist our readers in finding articles on the topics that interest them.

Website Security Certificate

Our website security certificate has been updated. We hope this will give our subscribers and visitors peace of mind.

HaAretz Reports Kadima and Gimlaim Unite

In light of the Israeli 2006 Election Epilogue article, our readers may find an article by HaAretz of interest. HaAretz reports that the Kadima and Gimlaim (Pensioner's) parties have joined forces:
    According to the terms of the agreement, the two parties will remain officially independent but will hold joint meetings and observe the same voting discipline.

    "Olmert can now say 'I have 36 members of Knesset'," a Pensioners' party official said at the signing ceremony.

Moshe Aharon Shak (the author of the "Epilogue" article) comments, "The Gimlaim were not in the picture as a party in Hashem's poll. They are not very much in the Kenesset as a party . . . Remarkable . . . The 40-seat poll is not very far off the mark."

Bible Code Research Forum

One of our subscribers, Joseph Durham, has started a Bible Code Research Forum on Google. If you've been looking for a place to dialogue about Bible codes, join the conversation.

[The link to this forum has been removed due to the amount of spam content on the forum page. (2/17/2010)]


What is Hashem? What is YHWH?

In response to frequent questions from our readers about the Hebrew Names of God, we are pleased to provide a list of 26 of the most prominent Names of God.


Hi. You have this:

He calmed down from his imperfection, lost his way in it. And in it, the inner radiance was similar to a beautiful tea from among them, in V.I. Lenin, in me. (45 letters, skip minus 499, Jeremiah 17 cluster)

I am Russian and could give you a few clues on that. To me, frankly, these codes make little sense. I think you can find "mary had a little lamb" in Revelation if you desire.

Still, this might be interesting to you.
  1. Lenin's brain was severely damaged by some disease for the second part of his life. I'm not sure about disease name (I remember something about syphilis). You can find more info on that easily.

  2. Inner radiance, beautiful tea. Maybe the words in the text here should be translated differently. Might involve some politicians of the Revolution. There were plenty. Also, keep in mind that his successor's [Stalin's] nickname from his criminal past was Koba, or Coba.

  3. Beautiful tea. One of the drugs used by Stalin, chefir, is a very, very strong tea. This originates from prisons, where prisoners were finding alternatives for alcohol and marijuana.

  4. In me. Maybe these last words are a number? Just curious.

Anyway good luck with that.

For more information on Lenin and Stalin, visit


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