Recent Da Vinci Code Discoveries

The following is a table of new Da Vinci Code terms found in the matrix extending from Genesis 2:7 to Genesis 37:28:

Let's examine the details on two alternatives of the extended SONY code:

If we now connect the two terms of Columbia and SONY telling the same story, we may get:

Columbia the moviemaker is not telling the truth (the story is not historically accurate), but would like SONY the mother company to be happy (financially, we presume). It is not the time . . . (time factor in the plot or time to sing?). What is being repeated (as an echo) should be told accurately (the implication is that it is not accurate). There is laughter. Hashem will erase the singing/happiness.

  1. The daughter reference is singular as it should be. The word sing is the proper tense for telling the employees of a company to sing.
  2. SONY is associated with music and singing . . .

Using a different spelling of Langdon than was examined in Shak's first Da Vinci Code article, the following results were found:

If we further consider the extension of the Langdon term, then we have Columbia's inaccuracy being expressed by Langdon's "findings."

Lastly, some additional codes of note:

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