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November/December 2006

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Correspondence Feedback from our readers.

Bible Code Conference Nathan Jacobi, Ph.D., reports on the Jerusalem Bible Code Conference held on November 23, 2006.

Isaiah 53 Code's Explosion Examining previous BCD code finds in Isaiah 53 for extensions resulted in an explosion of codes.

Precipitating a Moment of Truth Is there validity to the alleged phenomenon of Bible codes, or not? In the last two months, BCD again submitted this question to extensive testing. The results: Without a doubt, the phenomenon is real.

Hebrew Alphabet: Lesson Three In our continuing series on learning the Hebrew alphabet using words most people already know from Hebrew, we introduce four more Hebrew letters using words such as Peace, Sabbath, Rabbi, Jerusalem, and Jesus.


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Apocalypto: Will the Real Mel Gibson Stand Up?
By Ed Sherman

I went to see Mel Gibson's new movie, Apocalypto, to help resolve questions I have had about where he is as a person. What better gauge than a movie he bankrolled and directed and whose script he co-authored? Was he a changed man because of his production of The Passion? Or not?

Moshe Aharon Shak's previous code findings about Gibson from the April 2004 Digest had painted a very dark picture of him darker than I had wanted to believe. Then this summer's DUI incident cast Gibson in a very poor light.

I also saw the movie because of Gibson's claims that the story was ultimately one of hope cast against the grave weaknesses of a civilization (Mayan) on the verge of collapse. I left the theater in a state of shock and of agreement with the dark view of Gibson detailed in Shak's findings. I had held high hopes that a wealthy, famous actor could break free from the morass of Hollywood and produce great movies.

In Apocalypto, Gibson seriously outdid Hollywood's goriest productions with a film far more bloody and brutal than The Passion. For adrenaline addicts, this movie was a non-stop roaring orgy. The movie's hero endured endless perils that would have made Indiana Jones cower. I came to realize that Gibson has a ravenous addiction to glorifying the "rush" of heavy duty gore a serious disease of his spirit. You don't have to believe me. Just consider these reviews from film critics:

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FOX Program Has Been Cancelled

VANISHED, the primetime FOX television action series, which was to utilize Ezekiel 40 codes in its storyline, has been cancelled. The final three episodes can be viewed online. Visit for more details.


Drosnin's Third Book: Publication Postponed

Michael Drosnin's third Bible code book, The Bible Code: The Quest, will be published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson. It was originally due out November 2006. The publication date has been postponed until April 2007.

In the meantime, we suggest that our readers check out reviews by Ed Sherman and Dave Swaney of his second book.


Learning the Hebrew Alphabet: Exercises

Exercises are now available to supplement the Hebrew Alphabet Lessons that appeared in last month's digest.

Also, be sure to visit our Hebrew Links and Resources page to find the Lessons and Exercises' links, as well as many other resources for studying Hebrew.


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OK, what I am getting from Appendix Five of Bible Code Bombshell is that when a section in Ezekiel was compared with a section in the control text of War and Peace that the difference in the findings of ELSs and extensions was quite minimal and quite unremarkable. Did I miss something? Doesn't this show that when a control text is used side-by-side with the same searches that it's not as much of a bombshell as it is a tiny firecracker? Why was Appendix Five hidden at the back of the book and presented in such an incomplete fashion? I want to believe, but Appendix Five seemed to confirm my fear that many books have this ELS phenomenon. Help me please!

Barry Cohn
Clarkston, Michigan

Our Director's Reply

What Appendix Five shows is that you can find short ELSs in non-encoded texts and what the discovery rate for such ELSs is. The "bombshell" is not based on the differences presented in Appendix Five, which are sizeable but hardly conclusive, as you have noted, but on the extremely unlikely presence of numerous, quite lengthy ELSs in Isaiah 53 (Ch. 4) and Ezekiel 37 (Ch. 6).

I am not claiming that every time you pick a topic and a search text in the Bible that you will come up with extraordinary code findings. Far from it. My claim is only that for some topics and some search texts there will be utterly improbable results.

Consider this. Code skeptics claim that no topic and search text in the Bible will yield highly extraordinary findings. All that I have to show to disprove their position is one (or two) topic/search text combinations where there are utterly improbable findings. That was done twice in the book (Jesus codes in Isaiah 53 and Terrorist codes in Ezekiel 37). That the results in the entire book of Ezekiel from the Islamic nations experiment are only moderately improbable doesn't matter as far as effectively disputing the skeptic's position.

What we have seen is the very close relationship between the subject matter of major code findings and the content of the literal text where they are found. So, a corollary of that is that if the subject matter of the search codes and the literal text isn't a strong match, you probably won't find an unusual concentration of long ELSs. In the experiment described in Appendix Five we searched every occurrence of an ELS of the name of an Arab nation that appeared within a large portion of the entire book of Ezekiel. The problem with that is that it is only a small section of Ezekiel that covers prophecies of our present time, and that is more likely to have longer codes about Islamic nations and current events. So the results from the experiment were diluted by choosing too large a search text.

So, is a text loaded, i.e., encoded? It depends on the rate of discovery of ELSs and how often very lengthy ELSs occur, which consist of several extensions, one after another.

Best Regards,

Ed Sherman
Director, INBCRS


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