Will the Real Mel Gibson Stand Up?

By Ed Sherman

I went to see Mel Gibson's new movie, Apocalypto, to help resolve questions I have had about where he is as a person. What better gauge than a movie he bankrolled and directed and whose script he co-authored? Was he a changed man because of his production of The Passion? Or not?

Moshe Aharon Shak's previous code findings about Gibson from the April 2004 Digest had painted a very dark picture of him darker than I had wanted to believe. Then this summer's DUI incident cast Gibson in a very poor light.

I also saw the movie because of Gibson's claims that the story was ultimately one of hope cast against the grave weaknesses of a civilization (Mayan) on the verge of collapse. I left the theater in a state of shock and of agreement with the dark view of Gibson detailed in Shak's findings. I had held high hopes that a wealthy, famous actor could break free from the morass of Hollywood and produce great movies.

In Apocalypto, Gibson seriously outdid Hollywood's goriest productions with a film far more bloody and brutal than The Passion. For adrenaline addicts, this movie was a non-stop roaring orgy. The movie's hero endured endless perils that would have made Indiana Jones cower. I came to realize that Gibson has a ravenous addiction to glorifying the "rush" of heavy duty gore a serious disease of his spirit. You don't have to believe me. Just consider these reviews from film critics:

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