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March/April 2007

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Briefing Short items of interest to Bible code followers.

Correspondence Feedback from our readers.

Which King of the House of David Was the Closest to David Himself? That David the King ELSs would be far closer to literal appearances of David in the Tanakh than ELSs for any of the later Kings is quite impressive. When we tried this same exercise for The King Yeshua (Jesus) and Yeshua the King, the results were very surprising.

Is Jesus the Messiah? Could Bible codes possibly add anything definitive to the two-millennia-long controversy over Christian claims that Jesus of Nazareth was/is the Messiah of the Jews? We explore a rich host of clues from the codes.

Hebrew Alphabet: Lesson Five In our continuing series on learning the Hebrew alphabet using words most people already know from Hebrew, we introduce the last four Hebrew letters using words and names such as Zion, Gabriel, Esther, and Satan.

Bottom Line Message: The Sixth Benefit of Studying the Bible: Confidence about Security The word security brings to mind many different thoughts and images. It's a little different for everybody, but as we study God's Word, security means having confidence in God's ability to watch over and protect us.


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Learning the Hebrew Alphabet: Exercises

Exercise Four is now available to supplement the Hebrew Alphabet Lesson that appeared in the last digest.

Also, be sure to visit our Hebrew Links and Resources page to find the Lessons and Exercises' links, as well as many other resources for studying Hebrew.


Regarding The Latest on SARS in the Bible Codes

Could this code actually be in reference to Avian Flu? Right now a pandemic of birds initially and continually strikes Asian countries. It also causes Severe Acute Respiratory Distress [Syndrome] (SARS which is really a definition for a condition, although we know the virus from 2003 picked up that name), which severely affects lungs and causes breathlessness.

Working in pandemic preparedness, the descriptions found in the article just caught my eye and made me think more of bird flu than SARS:
  • A wonder virus
  • And lethal
  • The Asian
  • In the lungs
  • With fever and inflamation (Bird flu in humans can cause a cytokine storm, which is a severe inflamation)
  • No breathing (Breathlessness is mentioned over and over in the Indonesian human cases)
  • With the knowledge of China (there is speculation that China is again witholding info)
  • Started with flying animals (This really caught my eye as bird flu has been spreading around the world via migratory birds)
  • Mother of all infections (current mortality rate on human cases is over 60% SARS was about 10%)
  • And a mask (discussion is going on considering the usage of masks)


Moshe Aharon Shak, the author of the SARS article, replies:
    There is no doubt in my mind that the SARS codes relate to SARS. However, let's not forget that one sentence in the Bible may have numerous interpretations. Therefore, within the same matrix, we may find other matrices relating to similar or other topics. Therefore, the SARS matrix in my opinion stands on its own merits. That does not take away from a potential merit for additional interpretations. There is nothing wrong with exploring this potential. I did not spend any time looking at it, but I would not be surprised if a case can be made for the Avian Flu in that matrix as well.

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