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May/June 2007

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You Can Make a Real Difference Ed Sherman, Director of Bible Code Digest (BCD), explains how you can make a big difference in the future of BCD.

Briefing Short items of interest to Bible code followers.

Correspondence Feedback from our readers.

Top Bible Code Myths BCD dispels the top 10 Bible code myths.

Remarkable Psalm 22 Cluster Grows The already remarkable Psalm 22 cluster continues to grow with the addition of fifteen lengthy ELSs.

Hebrew Vocabulary: Lesson One Many of our readers are interested in learning to use Bible code software, but are intimidated by the difficulty of learning Hebrew. The purpose of this series of articles is to introduce our readers to a number of the most common Hebrew vocabulary words in the Old Testament.

Bottom Line Message: The Seventh Benefit of Studying the Bible: Peace and Assurance Loving God's law, delighting in His Word, meditating on Scripture and letting it instill in us its meaning, this brings great peace and assurance into our lives.

You Can Make a Big Difference! (BCD) is at a crossroads, and you can make a big difference in BCD's future.

BCD is the leading Internet website on Bible codes. We receive 600,000 to 2,000,000 hits a month. The level of interest is tremendous. The average visitor goes to 20 different pages before leaving our site. That is unheard of behavior among Internet users. People drop in, and they stay a long time before moving on.

Being the leading website requires many things:
  • We devote a great deal of time to conducting research on key topics, working hand-in-hand with highly qualified Hebrew experts.

  • We receive a very large volume of e-mail, and we try to respond to all of it that deserves a reply.

  • We need to service the accounts of the 15,000 people who subscribe to BCD.

People expect everything on the Internet to be free. And our website is free. However, it costs a lot to make BCD what it is. Current operating expenses are about $3,500 a month.

Our biggest expenses are the modest amounts we pay to our Hebrew consultants and to our dedicated Editor, Diane James. Ed Sherman does not receive any net compensation from BCD, even though he devotes 40-60 hours a month to code research and drafting articles.

BCD has always operated at a sizable loss. Fortunately, a few large donors have made up these ongoing deficits.

Lately our losses have been increasing. It appears that public interest in Bible codes is softening. We are facing the prospect of paring back our activities . . . unless some of our subscribers would be willing to make small annual contributions to our work.

What Would It Take?

What would it take to keep us operating at our current level of activity? Here's an example of the small number of donations needed over the course of a year to maintain BCD:
  • 250 subscribers donating $10
  • 100 subscribers donating $25
  • 25 subscribers donating $100
  • 5 subscribers donating $500

All we would need is for 2.5% of our subscribers to become regular donors, and we could continue our recent level of activity.

One of our large donors is willing to double match any new donations (up to a maximum of $8,000). So your contribution could be tripled.

What Is the Alternative?

We could reduce the level of research and responsiveness to e-mails and convert BCD into a shorter, quarterly Internet publication. If you want BCD to be more than that, your donation could go a long way in assuring that we stay in the lead!


Ed Sherman
Director, Bible Code Digest


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Publish Date for Bible Code III Now October 2007

Bible Code: The Quest by Michael Drosnin

The publication date for Drosnin's third book has been postponed. Our apologies to any of our subscribers who have preordered the book. The current publication date is October 2007.


Learning the Hebrew Alphabet

Exercise Five is now available to supplement the Hebrew Alphabet Lesson that appeared in the last digest.

Also, be sure to visit our Hebrew Links and Resources page to find the Lessons and Exercises' links, as well as many other resources for studying Hebrew.


If any of our readers has an answer to the question posed by Debbie M. in the following letter, please e-mail with the information, and we will forward it to her. Thank you.

Dear Bible Code Digest,

Ever since beginning to read your book, Bible Code Bombshell, I have been amazed and awed by our Heavenly Father. The possibilities in the Scriptures seem to be endless.

My question to you is this. If the Hebrew letters have a number value, and if they also have musical value, what else might they also have? Could they also have color, value (the lightness or darkness of a color) and design? It seems to me that if they have color, value, and design, then portions of the Scriptures can be made into art. I don't suggest this lightly. You see, I am a quilt artist. It is in my heart to quilt different portions of Scriptures—The Shema, Genesis 1:1, Psalm 91, etc. I would love to see what these Scriptures look like when made into quilt art from the "color codes" in the Scriptures, if such codes exist.

Can you help me with this?


Debbie M.
Wichita Falls, Texas, USA

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