Bible Code Digest July/August 2008

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Briefing Short items of interest to Bible code followers.

Startling Election Codes Continue to Surface With the U.S. presidential elections nearing, we decided to examine additional codes for McCain, J. McCain, and two different spellings of B. Obama.

Dramatic Buddhist Codes Discovered The number and quality of the previous Buddha findings published in the digest prompted us to search for the terms Buddhism and Buddhist as well.

108-Letter-Long Buddhist Code Wraps Around the Tanakh Nine Times A 108-letter-long extended code that makes clear sense to Buddhists, and it wraps around the entire Tanakh a record 9.03 times. Because of the presence of several highly improbable features, this code defies chance as a rational explanation.

Buddha photo from Wikipedia


Practical Help from the Bible

The Gideons International site provides suggested Scripture reading arranged by topic, and The Upper Room has short devotionals for each day, which contain Scripture, a short devotion regarding the Scripture, a prayer, a thought for the day, and a focus for prayer.

As a convenience for our readers, we have compiled links to these two sites for a variety of topics. (This list has expanded from six to 30 topics.) The Gideons International links will take you to Scriptures to read on that topic, and we've selected five readings for each topic from The Upper Room site. Visit our Practical Help from the Bible page.

New Resources in Online Store

In response to frequent questions about learning the Hebrew language, we have added a Hebrew Language Resources section to our online store. If you've ever wanted a pocket English-Hebrew/Hebrew-English Dictionary, or help with studying Hebrew vocabulary, you'll want to check out these new items.

Pocket Dictionary Goes Everywhere with You

Hebrew/English Dictionary, by Ben Yehuda
Ben-Yehuda's Pocket English-Hebrew, Hebrew-English Dictionary derives from the eight-volume Dictionary and Thesaurus of the Hebrew Language by Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, the father of modern Hebrew, and from the new studies by his son, Ehud Ben-Yehuda, and David Weinstein. This book is designed expressly for the widest possible variety of interests and professions—for students, teachers, travelers, home and office libraries. In it you will find over 30,000 vocabulary entries, alphabetically arranged. There is a comprehensive but compact explanation of grammar, including tables of irregular verbs. There are keys to proper pronunciation, abbreviations, up-to-date technical terms, examples of idiomatic usage, tables of numerals, weights, measures and currency. Paperback. List price $6.99. Amazon price $6.99. To buy it

Biblical Vocabulary Guide Aides Study of Hebrew Language

The Vocabulary Guide to Biblical Hebrew, by Miles V. Van Pelt and Gary D. Pratico
A guide for mastering basic Hebrew vocabulary. This guide gives the student everything he or she needs in order to master basic Hebrew vocabulary and to expand knowledge of Biblical Hebrew. A special feature of the guide is that it groups the vocabulary in three basic consonants. • All words occurring ten times or more in the Hebrew Bible in descending order of frequency. • Primary roots and all words derived from roots occurring ten times or more. • Unusual and difficult word list, such as proper names, adjectives, prepositions, pronouns, particles, and verbs. Paperback. List price $16.99. Amazon price $11.55. To buy it

Biblical Hebrew Flash Cards for Quick Study

Old Testament Hebrew Vocabulary Cards, by Miles V. Van Pelt
Old Testament Hebrew Vocabulary Cards are keyed to the four leading Hebrew grammars, have frequency numbers on each card, and include unusual forms of verbs. These cards are a convenient way for students to quiz themselves on new Hebrew words being learned. Cards 1 through 979 contain all words that occur 30 or more times (except proper names). Cards 980 through 1,000 contain select proper names and words occurring less than 30 times. List price $17.99. Amazon price $17.99. To buy it

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Bombshell examines two massive, recently discovered clusters of codes in the Hebrew Old Testament. To read more about Bombshell, click here, or click below to order from Amazon today!


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