BCD Marks Eight Years

What began in 1999 as a fascination with debunking Bible codes has turned into an eight-year journey of unexpected discoveries.

BCD's Director Ed Sherman has been a professional mathematician for over 30 years and a profound skeptic on the whole subject of Bible codes until he investigated them for himself. Once he began to look at the codes closely, he was astonished at how compelling the supporting evidence was. "Today I stand dumbfounded, a former skeptic turned reluctant supporter."

Beginning in November 1999, our digests were short monthly e-mails (about 7 to 15 pages long). They did not have any pictures or tables in them, and we could not present the Hebrew in the e-mail without spelling out each letter name. We spent time explaining who we were and what we were not, and the length of codes found was very short. Early digest topics included:
  • Can You Find Anything You Want?
  • How Subtle Biases Can Invalidate "Scientific" Testing
  • Solar Flare Codes
  • Isaiah 53 Codes
  • Hitler Codes

In the first few years we saw the emergence of significant clusters of codes in Isaiah 52-53, Deuteronomy 30-33, Proverbs 14-17, Psalm 22, Genesis-Exodus, and Ezekiel 37.

In January 2002, it became a whole new ballgame for Bible Code Digest. We were liberated from the "handcuffs" of e-mail and moved to the unlimited possibilities of the Internet, where we were able to illustrate articles with graphics and pictures, and show the codes in Hebrew instead of having to spell them out in English.

By 2005, we chose to devote more time to research by publishing bimonthly. In the new bimonthly format, the digest grew to its present length, often running 30 to 50 pages long. The digest is full of photos, tables, and the codes run from four and five letters to almost 300 letters in length. Topics in recent years have included:
  • The 296-Letter-Long Shimon Peres Code
  • Ezekiel 40 Loaded with Lengthy War ELSs
  • What No Code Skeptic Can Find: Several Lengthy Nested Codes
  • Is Jesus the Messiah?
  • Remarkable Psalm 22 Cluster Grows
  • Yeshua Codes in Isaiah 40-46
  • Aharon the Priest

Along with creating a page devoted to links for Hebrew language resources, we have begun including inspirational and educational articles on:
  • The Benefits of Studying the Bible
  • Learning Hebrew
  • Bible Code Research Guidelines

Our eight-year journey has taken us from a few articles and short digests, to the largest and most comprehensive website on the Internet on this topic. Though we have a small research team, our team now spans three countries (Canada, Israel, and the U.S.). From a handful of subscribers, our subscription list has grown to over 15,000 subscribers. From 1999 through 2007, visits have grown to almost 3 million, and the average visitor stays a long time (21 hits per visitor). In addition, we have an extensive online store carrying an excellent selection of Bible code books and software.

Our director, now a published author on the subject (Bible Code Bombshell), is frequently sought out for interviews by radio and television programs, and was consulted on the making of a FOX television program (Vanished), the first to utilize codes in its storyline.

We never shy away from answering the arguments of skeptics, or researching controversial topics. We present the facts about the codes, while dispelling incorrect notions about them. We discourage the use of codes for the sake of predictions, believing that the codes are one of the fingerprints of God's authorship of the Bible.

As we mark this anniversary, we are acutely aware of the fact that in many ways, we have just begun to scratch the surface on the codes. We thank you, our subscribers, for your interest in our research, and we hope to continue this journey for many years to come.

Best Regards,
—The BCD Team

P.S. Just a reminder that we are a non-profit research society. If you are able, please consider making a donation to the continuation of our work. Thank you.

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