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March/April 2010

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Haitian Earthquake II: A Moment of Truth
The Haitian earthquake codes not only echo the devastation of the earthquake, but they point to it being a moment of truth for Haiti.

Earthquakes: Chile, Haiti, and Around the World
On February 27, 2010, just six weeks after the 7.0 earthquake in Haiti, an 8.8 earthquake hit Chile. We searched for two spellings of Concepción and for Chilean Quake. We also ran searches for more generic terms: Earthquake (three spellings), The Earth Shook, Wounded by the Quake, Injured by the Quake, Quake Survivors, and Quake Orphans. Four of the 11 searches resulted in lengthy extensions at a 50% to 80% return rate.

What Sets BCD Apart: Examining ELSs for Extensions
Examining key matrices from The Bible Code for extensions demonstrates what sets BCD's research apart from the rest.

Map from USGS.


The Hebrew Language

The Hebrew Language website is a large compilation of free online resources to assist in learning Hebrew. The site has 16 categories of useful links including Alphabet, Biblical, Dictionaries, Fonts, Forums, Games, Names, News/Blogs, Reading, Songs, Texts, TV/Radio, Tutorials, Ulpan, Vocabulary, and Writing.


Subject: Haitian Earthquake

With regard to the word "echo" in the codes, among geologists the Haitian quake is thought to be an "echo quake" following the 6M off of the northern California coastline the prior week. And the California quake is thought to be an "echo quake" from the 7.3M Solomon Islands quake on January 3. There were many echo quakes around the world resulting from the 7.3M quake in the Solomon Islands, but Haiti suffered the most destruction and loss of life.

Also there was a prophecy at a San Francisco area church the night before the Haiti quake hit. The prophecy said the quake was God's judgment. At the time the prophecy was given, they didn't know where it would hit. See Timothy Snodgrass, an intercessor.

Personally, I think God is not too pleased with all the voodoo and other godless stuff going on there. The last part of the codes you presented is comforting. Perhaps the Haitians will change course after this devastation and turn back to God. That would be the silver lining.

Sausalito, California


Subject: Crisis Clusters II: Everything Has Its Time

Regarding Cluster Five, Obama (B.2), Obama, where is the remaining glory from the insurrection?, if one views the "insurrection" as not so much a LITERAL insurrection but, rather, as the movement to elect Obama (the "insurrection," then, being against the right-wing Republican Bush administraiton and the likely continuation of it under a McCain/Palin administration), then the words Obama, where is the remaining glory from the insurrection? suddenly make a whole lot more sense in light of the growing disappointment in his administration by many progressives (and even moderates). In fact, viewed that way, the words need almost no explanation or interpretation, and the sentence is meaningful on its face.

Alternatively, this code could refer to the public disappointment over the economic crisis and allegations of Obama's unfulfilled promises of jobs and change.

Napa, California

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