Summary of "The Global Economic Crisis:
Codes Detail Numerous Causes and Effects"

Given the state of the global economy and the many requests we have received to research it, BCD decided to run a series of searches on the following economic terms: bank bailout, credit crisis, economic crisis, financial crisis, financial market, global depression, great depression, interest rate, investment bank, low interest rate, and stock market. The initial search terms were all seven or more letters long, and the resulting 19 codes range in length from 13 to 31 letters long.

We were astonished that nearly all of the extended codes provided details about either the causes or the effects of the current economic crisis. For both causes and effects, it is the content of the extended code, and not the original search term, that provided specifics about the current crisis.

What is even harder to walk away from is the thrust of the entire collection of 19 extended codes. They cut right to the heart of the angst of our present day. Among these codes are plausible references to 13 different causes of the crisis:
  1. The real estate market
  2. Greed and excesses in the financial markets
  3. Exotic financial products (such as mortgage backed securities and derivatives)
  4. Overconfidence by investors and consumers
  5. Evil people (e.g., Bernard Madoff)
  6. Gyrating interest rates
  7. Bankruptcies
  8. Fears of another Great Depression
  9. Manipulation of interest rates
  10. Uncle Sam
  11. International dependence of economies
  12. High price of energy
  13. Departure from the Gold Standard

1. The Real Estate Market

Credit Crisis (5)
A credit crisis of my houses that will be numerous.

How on target could a code be? The credit crisis was caused in part by excesses in the real estate market. So, it is very remarkable to find houses in an extension around a credit crisis ELS.

Full Length Article: The Global Economic Crisis: Codes Detail Numerous Causes and Effects

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