Summary of "America Terms
Provide Revealing Glimpses"

The following summary will introduce our top picks from a series of searches on America terms:

The lenders will strike the poor in her.
New York, my broker is afraid.

This code reads like a commentary on the economic crisis.

Thus has wandered the lofty one.
And let us silence the legal guy from Greece—
who sawed America. The one who brings them bad odor,
the one who causes bad odor—get out!

The phrase the legal guy from Greece prompted us to search for Markopoulos, the financier who blew the whistle on Madoff.

The power of Markopoulos—
has he threatened the system,
and has the Moabite faded?

The only finding for Markopoulos resulted in a 27-letter-long code.

They screwed up.
And the lofty Treasury Department.
And full of hot air.

Is this a commentary on the Treasury Department? Some would agree.

Heal New York, the monument of the island.

The monument of the island may be describing the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island, which is known world-wide as a symbol of the U.S.

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