Summary of "Crisis Clusters Point to
Serving God, Not Money"

In 2009, we researched topics making headlines: Barack Obama, Global Financial Crisis, Swine Flu, Global Crisis, Famine, and a variety of America-related search terms. We also did some additional Obama searches, which had not been previously published. Then, we decided to look at the codes to see if they formed any clusters, which they did. The first three clusters were located in Genesis 26-27, Exodus 30-39, and 1 Kings 12-14. We also discovered that the context of the surface text where the clusters touched down had a common theme. This first set of three clusters had the theme of false idols and birthrights. The following is a table of Cluster One codes:

The Cluster One context describes Jacob tricking Isaac out of the blessing intended for Esau. After Isaac gives his blessing to Jacob, which calls for God to prosper him, and includes nations bowing before him and making him master over his brothers, Esau calls out for his father to give him a blessing, much like Great Famine (2A) where the daughter of the great famine screams provide! The American dream of financial success and home ownership is considered by many to be their birthright, a blessing handed down by our forefathers. During this time of financial crisis for so many, we see a reflection in the codes of Esau's mourning over the loss of his father's blessing and his future success and prosperity that were bound up in that.

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