Summary of "Crisis Clusters II:
Everything Has Its Time"

The second group of three clusters on the topics of Barack Obama, Global Financial Crisis, Swine Flu, Global Crisis, Famine, and a variety of America-related search terms, were found in Psalms 18-31, Lamentations 2 through Ecclesiastes 12, and 1 Chronicles 6. In addition, new Obama codes were presented that had not been previously published. This summary lists Cluster Four.

The range of Psalms that this cluster covers begins with Psalm 18 describing God as the Sovereign Savior and ends with Psalm 31 describing the Lord as a Fortress in Adversity. In the midst of these chapters is Psalm 23.

In all of these Psalms, we see that God is sovereign, regardless of the circumstance. So whether we are lying down in green pastures or walking through the valley of the shadow of death, God is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent.

The opening sentence of U.S. Govt. (1), they will see the living running to the Father, echoes the picture of sheep running to the Shepherd for protection, and the crisis codes remind us that only God is sovereign over any crisis we face.

Six of the eight codes in this group are political in topic. The grouping of three Obama codes, two White House codes, and a U.S. Government code make this cluster quite remarkable. The entire Financial Market (1) ELS appears in this cluster and dominates the first two thirds of it. The three Obama codes dominate the last third of the cluster.

Full Length Article: Crisis Clusters II: Everything Has Its Time

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