Summary of "Crisis Clusters III:
Success and Failure in Leadership"

The final three clusters on the topics of Barack Obama, the Global Financial Crisis, the Swine Flu, Global Crisis and Famine, and a variety of America-related search terms were found in 2 Chronicles 18, 26 and 35, and in the surface text a common theme centered around success and failure in leadership. In addition, new Obama codes were presented that had not been previously published. This summary lists Cluster Seven.

*This cluster is dominated by the B. Obama (2.8) code, with the other codes interspersed throughout it.

He will illuminate their expectation from a state of chaos.
With whom is he exploring, and was Obama the father charged?

In light of the cluster of crisis codes, the phrase illuminate their expectation from a state of chaos would seem to say that a state of chaos can shine a light on people's expectations.

The location of this code cluster (2 Chronicles 18:11-22:5) describes how God kept Jehoshaphat safe in the midst of the battle, and is reassuring that God can keep his servants safe in the midst of the chaos of a crisis, financial or otherwise.

Full Length Article: Crisis Clusters III: Success and Failure in Leadership

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