Summary of "Economic Crisis
or a Chance to Live in God's Economy?"

BCD decided to delve a little further into a few of economic crisis codes to examine the context of the Scriptures they pass through to see if it would clarify any further the meaning of the codes, or provide insight into how to deal with the economic crisis. We examined the context of the following four codes:
    1. Interest Rate (B2) Who has embraced for us the interest rate from one handful grasp to another?
    2. Interest Rate (B5) My plague is the interest rate.
    3. Great Depression (3) He will strike me with the great depression.
    4. Stock Market (5) The stock market is teaching them.

As we examine the context of these four codes, we will see that
  • God is sovereign, merciful and just.
  • He provides a direction to go in life.
  • We are encouraged to live in His economy, by putting God first, having integrity, and being generous and forgiving people.
  • We are reminded that man does not live solely for his stomach or the treasures of this world, but by the Word of God.
  • He longs for our love and devotion and is jealous when we put idols (in this case money) before Him.
  • He wants to save and redeem us and pour out His lovingkindness upon us.
  • We are encouraged to remember the things God has done by making a written record of them.
  • We are admonished not to gloat over those less fortunate and not to take advantage of or abuse others.
  • Freedom from captivity comes from God.
  • He is the Good Shepherd who seeks after His sheep to care and provide for them.
  • In troubled times, we are tempted to think God has forsaken us, but He is always near.

Full Length Article: Economic Crisis or a Chance to Live in God's Economy?

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