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January through March 2012

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Short items of interest to Bible code followers.

Republican Presidential Candidates 2012
Moshe Aharon Shak's three YouTube videos on the upcoming elections purport to present God's choice for the winner of the Republican nomination and the presidency. BCD presents these videos with some caveats.

Climate Change II: The Great Debate Continues
Changes in the arctic are the basis for searches on terms such as glacier and ice cap. Fifteen extended codes are presented ranging from 19 to 70 letters long. One of the terms resulted in a 70% return rate.


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People assume Buddhism originated in India, free of any real Western influence. In this book, BCD's Ed Sherman challenges this belief. Back in 2007, BCD's code findings indicated a strong link between Buddha and portions of the Bible written by Solomon four centuries before Buddha lived. We researched this possibility and a compelling array of intriguing historical and textual evidence surfaced.

How do Judaism, Buddhism and Christianity compare? How might they be interrelated? This blockbuster book will tell you everything you need to know to better appreciate key similarities and differences. Its side-by-side comparisons are an invaluable resource. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A BOOK ABOUT BIBLE CODES.


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New Websites for Learning Hebrew

Visit our Hebrew Links and Resources page. We have two new site listings to recommend that can assist you with learning Hebrew. The first has an audio feature that will increase your ability to learn and remember new phrases. The second assists with learning phrases by topic.

    Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio
    Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio is a free, online, educational resource to learn Hebrew phrases in a fun way. A "flash card" displays with the Hebrew, transliteration and English, while you hear the Hebrew spoken. There are 54 topics with 1,211 Hebrew phrases and sentences. In addition to the online audio flash, the site includes 152 printable study sheets. This site is very easy to use.

    English Hebrew Dictionary by Subject
    This site is one of the top free, online educational resources to help students improve their Hebrew vocabulary. The site features free online English/Hebrew flashcards organized by topics, which studies show is one of the best ways to learn and memorize words. The site also has articles on some of the most searched for topics related to learning Hebrew/English.

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Buddha and Jesus challenges numerous common notions about Buddhism (versus Judaism and Christianity).

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