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April through June 2014

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Flight 370
Researcher Moshe Aharon Shak searched the codes for clues regarding the missing plane and passengers. Codes such as a plane in panic and the plane will be lost are just the beginning of the story. Included is a link to Shak's YouTube Flight 370 video.

Bible Codes Made Simple
Have you ever wished for a simple explanation of Bible codes for yourself or a friend? Check out BCD's latest article and video that make Bible codes simple to understand.

New Book by R. E. ("Ed") Sherman to Be Released This Summer
Wisdom 365: Daily Buddha and Daily Solomon, a new book by R. E. Sherman, is to be released this summer. It provides 365 daily readings of the proverbs of Buddha and Solomon, side-by-side. It includes ALL 423 of the proverbs of Buddha, in their standard order. For every one of these, one or more similar proverbs by Solomon, or one of his contemporaries, appear on the same page. Brief comments conclude each day's reading.

The book is intended to be a sequel to Ed's second book, Buddha & Jesus: Could Solomon Be the Missing Link? That earlier book presented the idea that Buddha (525 BCE) was influenced by Solomon (950 BCE), who lived over 400 years earlier, in developing his new religion.

Basically, if you add the ethics of Solomon's proverbs to the Jain religion of India, which emphasizes meditation, reincarnation and karma, you have Buddhism.

The earlier book presented over 100 proverbs from Solomon that are similar to one or more of Buddha's proverbs. This new book covers ALL 423 of Buddha's proverbs, further supporting the possible linkage proposed in the earlier book.

This new book provides fascinating reading on a daily basis. Every day you will experience East meeting West, and your horizons will be broadened. This new book implicitly questions the generally accepted Eastern belief that Buddha developed his wisdom by looking deep within himself, while shutting out all outside influences.

The Bible states, "Men of all nations came to listen to Solomon's wisdom, sent by all the kings of the world, who had heard of his wisdom." (1 Kings 4:34, NIV). In addition, evidence has emerged that the first colony of Jews to settle in India did so around the time Buddha was born.1

1The Jews of Kerala, P. M. Jussay, cited in The Last Jews of Kerala, p. 79, cited in "History of the Jews in India," Wikipedia, Jews, retrieved June 28, 2014.

Bible Code Guidelines
BCD is often asked what sort of guidelines we use when researching the codes. After all, it's a scientific process that should have clear, concise guidelines. Bible code research has grown in recent years from the hodge-podge searching of single words accompanied by outlandish predictions of the future (such as Drosnin-type codes), to a much more sophisticated process of statistical analysis accompanied by the subtleties of translating lengthy equidistant letter skips (ELSs) from the Hebrew into English or other languages. Read more about our guidelines.

BCD Website Index
The BCD Website Index is an index of the articles on BCD's website by topic. It's the quickest way to find articles on a topic you are interested in. Bookmark it today!

Practical Help from the Bible
BCD has compiled topically arranged links to The Gideons International website and The Upper Room website to assist our readers who are seeking inspirational and practical help from the Bible.

BCD Online Store
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