Bible Code Digest
January through March 2015

In This Issue:

Controversy Over Codes and the Tanakh
BCD explores the controversy over different types of code phenomena and the potential transcription errors and/or letter differences in the Tanakh and their resulting effect on codes.

Forty-Letter Code Dramatically Links Isaiah 53 with Gospel Accounts of the Transfiguration of Christ
(Revision of article from 2005.)

Skeptics' Criticisms Lead to Discovery of Much Longer Code
In preparing a rebuttal to Brendan McKay's and Dave Thomas's attack on the 22-letter "Gushing" code found by BCD, a longer 40-letter code was found. (Revision of article from 2005.)

Uncovering More of the Tapestry
How the new 40-letter code closely links with the literal text that it passes through. (Revision of article from 2005.)


Subject: Ebola

Your article states: In it (the virus) there is a threat from the world. And you conclude that it is a threat 'to' the world. May I suggest that there is a difference between 'from' and 'to', and that Ebola is a threat 'from' the world itself as it groans for redemption under the weight of mankind's sin as we turn our backs on God and His Word.

Shirley, La Salle

Reply from Moshe Aharon Shak:

It is very important to understand that in order to publish any article or video I must go through at least three phases:

First: Find what I believe to be a possible VALID code.

Second: I try and understand what the words or sentence is saying (and translate it into English).

Third: I try and understand what the message is in that code.

Phases one and two are in my opinion very scientific. One cannot argue with the findings of step one. If I make a mistake in step two, it is very easy to spot.

Phase three in many cases is not as simple. A classical case was when a reader asked me: "How did you know that Ariel Sharon would suffer a coma many months in advance?" I did not know! In my article on the subject, I gave three possible explanations to a specific code. Only one of the interpretations suggested a coma.

It is in phase three that I can make a mistake (and at times I do). However, the reader can decide if the suggestion that I am making makes sense.

I noticed on many occasions (as in the Ariel Sharon case) that several interpretations apply to the same code and they are all correct. Sometimes we only realize it months or years later. A good example is my article on Gaza calling it a volcano. It was years later that the world watched thousands of missiles FIRED within a few weeks at Israel.

It is good to challenge and/or suggest other ideas regarding a specific term, suggest new terms [to search for], question the logic suggested in a matrix, etc. Thank you for your input. My interpretations are based on common sense. Different angles shed more light to any picture.

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