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    Contact: Aramaic New Testament Codes Revealed Researcher David Bauscher has discovered astonishing statistical aberrations in the Aramaic version of the New Testament. He describes them in this special report.

    What is the Peshitta? In a sidebar to his article on codes in the Aramaic New Testament, David Bauscher provides some background on the Peshitta, or Peshitto.

    New Moby Dick Cluster Harpoons Code Skeptics When Michael Drosnin was promoting his book, The Bible Code, he issued a challenge to skeptics to match some of his findings in books other than the Bible. One responded with examples that seemed to be effective in the book Moby Dick. Now researcher Johannes Verboom has found an entertaining Moby Dick cluster in the Bible.


Saddam’s Involvement in 911 Events Coming into Focus

Revelations by U.S. and British intelligence in recent days have clarified the relationship between Iraq and the terrorist attacks of 911, bearing out what we have been reporting Bible code findings indicated since a day or two after the terrible events.

Britian’s Prime Minister Tony Blair told Parliament on September 24 that U.K. intelligence units had proof of new mass destruction weapons manufacturing capabilities in Iraq. President Bush and White House national security adviser Condoleezza Rice both said later that week the U.S. had evidence Iraq was sheltering al Qaeda terrorists. Spokesmen later confirmed that this information had come from interviews of al Qaeda prisoners taken since September 11.

Australian newspaper The Age reported recently that Iraq trained some of al Qaeda’s “key lieutenants.” The reports named two operatives—Abu Zubair, also known as Fowzi Saad al-Obeidi, and Rafid Fatah, aka Abu Omer al-Kurdi.

Zubair, nicknamed “the Bear” for the sound of his last name and his stocky physique, terrorized the Kurds in Iraq while an Iraqi intelligence officer. He ran al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan until September 11, but disappeared before the allied military invaded that country. Fatah was also trained by Hussein’s government and worked with Zubair against the Kurds.

What has not been made clear is the link the codes have indicated between Saddam Hussein and “terminal illness,” although U.S. and British intelligence resources claim that Iraq has reconstructed three plants to manufacture biological and chemical weapons.

Another Clue

Now there is another clue that points to the inclusion of Iraq in international terrorism. It is our discovery in the past few days of a Babylon mosaic around Ezekiel 37, the most powerful 911 cluster, and Ezekiel 40, which seems to focus on war and a temple to be built in Israel on or near the Temple Mount. It was through a mosaic pattern of abnormal occurrences of a Hebrew word for war that we discovered this cluster.

Babylon is the empire that caused so much grief for Israel 2,500 years ago. The empire’s capital city, also called Babylon, is located in southern Iraq. Babylon is prominently featured in apocalyptic scriptures.

The mosaic we found is an abnormal number of occurrences of the Hebrew spelling of Babylon . . .

. . .in the area bounded by Ezekiel 34:5 and Ezekiel 42:8. It occurs 9.7% more often than expected in skip ranges between 10 and 1,000 in the passage, and an average of 8.8% more than expected in skip ranges of 2,001 to 7,000.

In one range, between 1,001 and 2,000, the effect is almost even, occurring just one percent less often than expected. (Those who argue that Islamic terrorists are getting back at Christian culture on account of the crusades may find solace in these statistics. The crusades began in 1095 and in 2001 Islam struck back in a huge way.)

Here are a table and graph showing the skip ranges and occurrence patterns of the Babylon mosaic:


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