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    The King David Codes Continuing a story begun in the September issue, King David codes continue to amaze researchers. A growing number of intriguing ELSs, some of them lengthy, are showing up in passages connected to David in the surface text. This report is a complete update on their findings.

    Are There Bible Verses that Allude to Bible Codes? In this entertaining piece, Ed Sherman wonders whether there might be several key scriptures that could be referring to Bible codes in the surface text.


Al Qaeda Leader ELS Discovered in Ezekiel 37 Cluster

When al Qaeda terrorist Ramzi Binalshibh was captured in Pakistan in early September we searched for his name in the Tanakh. In the case of one find with a skip of –309, Dr. Jacobi found Hebrew words prior to the seven-letter name and was able to extend the ELS into a 17-letter ELS. It reads:

The Beauty in Me was Quite Destroyed by Binalshibh

It is unclear who is voicing this statement. Binalshibh is has already admitted his involvement in planning the 911 attacks on the U.S. He was Mohammed Atta’s roommate at one point, and Atta is generally acknowledged by officials as the leader of the hijackers.

Binalshibh is currently being held in an unnamed location and is hopefully divulging information that will be helpful in countering al Qaeda’s terrorist efforts.

Book Review

September 11 is in the Bible Code

Dr. Larry Mitcham

Written from a conservative, creationism Christian perspective, this new book presents a collage of beautifully illustrated clusters of purported codes. The book title and cover are somewhat misleading, in that little of the book focuses on 9/11 ELSs. Instead, the bulk of the book presents clusters on many individuals, current as well as Biblical, the periodic table and the canopy (from the Genesis account of Noah’s Flood).

Although the book basically acknowledges on page 94 that three and four letter ELSs are so numerous in any text that their presence in a cluster doesn’t really demonstrate anything, all of the clusters presented in the book (save the periodic table example where only ELSs with five or more letters are shown) largely consist of three or four letter ELSs. We hope that in a subsequent edition of this book the authors will exclude these very short ELSs from their clusters, thereby reducing the vulnerability of their work to justifiable criticism from code skeptics.

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