Washington in Fear
By Moshe Aharon Shak
COPYRIGHT © 2002 by Moshe Aharon Shak

Shortly after the Washington area snipers hit their tenth victim in October, I noticed how Washington became like Israel. People were afraid to leave their homes and lead normal lives. Innocent women and children were killed at random. There was confusion and fear. I was thinking at the time G-d, No! They (the victims) are ten!—Ten! Who hated them—G-d?

After two days of looking in His Torah in the Five Books of Moses, I got many answers. I believe that I had some very important clues at that point, but the matrix was at an early stage of development, and I was not aware of the significance of the terms that I found. In addition, just at that time the police caught the two suspects. What I was sure; however, is that I had the proper matrix that related to the snipers case. Some of the clues were:

    The home-born and the stranger that sojourneth among you describe the citizen and the Jamaican born suspect.
    And an Arab fits Muhammad who became a Moslem.
    They are for Iraq they are known to agree with the attack on 9/11.
    The young one Malvo is relatively young at 17, versus the older one at 41.
    The tall one, Mohammad, is 6’-1”.

The above clues and others also hinted at more than one sniper. After my friends asked me to look for some more information, it became abundantly clear from the matrix who hated the ten victims. (Only by then it had become apparent that “the ten” referred to the number of dead in the three-week shooting spree.) The matrix answered the question as follows: these wicked men. The answer in the Hebrew Bible (Numbers chapter 16 verse 26) is set forth in 16 letters from right to left. What is fascinating is that the very same letters from left to right spell out my original question: "They (the victims) are ten! – Ten! Who hated them – G-d?"

The word “these” also appears in the matrix as: these: the home-born, and the stranger that sojourneth among you. For exact location in the matrix and Hebrew details, see the sample clusters below.

The connection with the surface text in Leviticus is seven days of fear (pain) in the matrix versus seven days of purification in the passage; a near constant theme of plague (nine incidents), leprosy, symbolic of sin (five incidents) touching and surrounding the main term; and, themes of atonement and purification predominant throughout.

Criteria used to Find Results

Most Bible codes researchers have not defined in detail what codes or conclusions are acceptable. Typically, statistical significance, grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc., are not considered. From my experience, I have developed minimum criteria as to what terms to include/exclude, and how to interpret a given matrix. This explains why I decided to ignore many terms, and also to ignore some possible conclusions. For example, any term that has less than 20:1 odds (R-value = 1.3) is not considered by me as a good term. To reach a conclusion I require two or more terms to tell the same story, etc. For more information and articles, please see final notes at the end, and Keith York's site.

Confirmed Results

For a long time we did not know if one or more snipers caused the nightmare. The matrix answers this question very clearly:

  1. Twice the term partner is used in a phrase where each such phrase intersects with another appropriate phrase concerning one partner or another. See sample cluster 4 below, with the two corresponding examples.
  2. The fact that two such terms are found may hint that there are two such partners only.
  3. The matrix presents an incredible question about who would hate, and presents the answer in plural: These (not that) wicked men (not man) (cluster 10).
  4. The matrix refers to the citizen and the stranger (cluster 9).
  5. The matrix refers to the men of the land who committed the atrocities (cluster 9).
  6. The term “and the Arab” indicates that there was someone else.
  7. The term, “They are for Iraq,“ or the extended term, “See who is for Iraq: They are for her,” refers to more than one person. We are told that the suspects enjoyed the 911 events. A more serious question is now raised: Are they Iraqi (manipulated by Iraq) operatives? Note that the media does not paint them as the typical serial killers.
  8. The term, “Tomorrow the snipers” refers to several people. It also intersects with the term, “They are for Iraq." See 6 above and cluster 11.

The large overall matrix presents many finds that we now know are true. The “fear in Washington” matrix is a rather large matrix, where all the terms are statistically significant. By dropping five of the more than 70 terms, the size of the matrix is reduced by half, and the statistical significance of each term increases by a factor of R-value=0.3. It is very difficult to look at the complete matrix and derive its fullest meaning. Rather than present the complete matrix, I will show a breakdown of its elements. This helps to illustrate the message and focus on the interplay between certain terms.

Sample Clusters

Cluster 1—Days of fear to the male and female in Washington—10 innocent (killed) out of 13 The Hebrew spelling of Washington at its lowest equidistant letter sequence (ELS) in the Torah is found in the matrix below. The five terms in this cluster describe the “Days of Fear in Washington to the Males and Females.” Both males and females were casualties, and both males and females were in fear. The number of victims and dead is also outlined at this small matrix by two terms: "He Conquered 10 from the Innocent 13 (male plural as required by Hebrew grammar)."

Cluster 2—Terror! Fear! Afraid! Famous bullets have the enemy! After the ten killed and thirteen wounded from the bullets of the one(s) that hates, there is fear, hate, terror and blood all around.

Cluster 3—With his (trigger) finger (squeezing) that which is on his left hand The two additional terms in this matrix describe how a sniper does the shooting. He holds the rifle in his left hand and squeezes the trigger with his right hand. Most people are right-handed, and it will be interesting to find out if the suspects are left or right-handed.

Cluster 4—Partners in crime “The Tall One Chose a Partner, a Man to Lie With.” From police reports, we know now that Muhammed is six-feet, one-inch tall. We also know that the suspects were seen several times on D.C.-area highways and on more than one occasions they were asleep in their car. This alone does satisfy the term “a man to sleep with.” It is very difficult at this point to say that the indication is more than that, although it should be noted that, in biblical language, for a man to “lie with” a man means homosexual activity.

Who is the “Shadowy Partner,” or the partner who is not in the limelight? The term partner is found again in this expanded matrix. The term Shadowy Partner intersects the term “In W's (Williams') family I met him.” From the reports, we understand that the two suspects met at the home of the younger one’s mother. Is there a third partner?




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