Washington in Fear

Cluster 11—In October 2002 the day after the first of the month (1 Oct 02) the snipers from Iraq This is a complex cluster in meaning, beauty, and arrangement. Each term is meaningful by itself, but they magnify each other. Note the following:

  1. “Tomorrow the snipers” intersects the beginning of two other terms: a. they are for Iraq, and b. from which he holds in his left hand. Preceding term b. we have the reference to the trigger finger—his right finger.
  2. The “tomorrow the snipers” term is in the plural form, so is the term “they are for Iraq.”
  3. The “tomorrow the snipers” term agrees with the subject of the term “from which he holds in his left hand… with his right finger.” Both terms refer to holding a gun.
  4. The first month of Israel today is Tishrei. This year it fell in October. Therefore, we have now a date or time frame of October 2002 from the two terms, “in 2002” and “from the first month.”
  5. The last two words in the term “from October the first of the month” literally means “in the first day of the month.” This term has two messages: “from October,” and “on the first day of the month.”
  6. In the term “tomorrow the snipers," the word tomorrow has two meanings: a. tomorrow, b. sometime in the future after today. Both meanings are applicable here: a. starting the shooting on 2 October. b. The shooting will start after the first of Tishrei. All of the shootings took place in less than a month after the first of Tishrei.

Cluster 12—Williams: Was he hired for Iraq? In this cluster there are four terms surrounding Washington. They divide into two sets. In each set the name “Williams” not only overlaps the other term, but also shares a letter with the other term. The top set has a term asking: “look who is for Iraq?” (The three letters of the word for “look” (reish alef heh) preceding “Who is for Iraq” are there but not highlighted.) As in other cases, the answer is found in the same term: “they” are for her. The name Williams is part of her (Iraq). Similarly, in the second set one term tells us about a hired person for a nation. The two terms overlap and Williams is there. Note how balanced the four terms are.

Cluster 13—H(ussein) Saddam is Against You If we extend the term H(ussein), Saddam into a larger matrix, we would get the term: “H(ussein) Saddam is in you/against you.” The R-value of this term is now 5.3 and it emphasizes even more the message that is contained within the term H. Saddam.

What is the message?

  1. ”And I will bring the sword on you”: I my opinion. I believe this is saying Saddam promises to kill US citizens.
  2. “And you will be given into the hand of your enemy”: He promises that the US will fall before its enemy Saddam.
  3. “And you will gather to your cities”: You will hide in your cities. You will be afraid to move out.
  4. “Revenge of revenge”: Does this mean “Mother of all Revenges”? Alternatively, does it mean a revenge for USA action in Kuwait? At any rate, we know the lust of Saddam for revenge.
  5. The term fits well with the end in the term. It has the same meaning. “Inside you (plural)" (people of the USA) versus “inside you (singular)" (USA as a nation).

Cluster 14—His name “Mother” Saddam From the end of the term, “See who is for Iraq. They are for her,” to the start of the terms, “H(ussein) Saddam and a revenge you will revenge,” or “The revenge of revenge” through the heart of “Washington,” we see the main term, “His name is mother Saddam.”

First why “mother” Saddam? Is it because:

  1. Everyone knows his name in the Arab and Western world, even children;
  2. He coined the term “mother of all wars," and now he continues the war, or
  3. He plans the “mother of all revenges” as another term is pointing out. We are all familiar with his vengeful brutality even to his own people, with no mercy for women, children or the aged.

Fascinating terms share letters with Saddam. The most telling term is “All those terrible things did my men.” To elaborate on this term we have the term, “That I send them.” Those two terms that share the last two letters in the word Saddam are telling again the Iraqi connection story and Saddam’s direct involvement. Another term that shares a letter with the main term is “as he commanded was.” This term is not statistically significant by itself, however it is very meaningful when it shares a letter with the main term in this cluster. It is also connected with the word “his name,” where the meaning is that the command was by his name.

Cluster 15—The Sergeant Sniper suspect Williams reached the level of sergeant in the U.S. Army. The following intense cluster is centered about the previously seen term: “agent? see the intense hate.” Who is the agent? The sergeant Williams is the agent. The letter yud is common to the terms, “a nation hired (gun)—agent” and “Williams.” The letter samech is common to “Williams” and “watch out to the coming sergeant—or next sergeant.” The word “sergeant” is written over the term “for mother.” Everyone associates mother with Saddam Hussein and his mother of all battles. Perhaps the new war that started on 9/11 is the mother of all battles. The world has never had such a war before. It is called terror—or fear away from the front lines. The new soldiers, the privates and the sergeants of Islam, preach their religious ideologies, but enjoy fully all the evils of the western world, as reflected in the term “in the land of their enemies he did not reject.” How did the 911 terrorists spend their last hours? Did they not celebrate in ways opposed by their preaching?




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