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    Briefing Short news items of interest to Bible code followers.

    Washington in Fear Researcher Moshe Aharon Shak has come up with the beginnings of a very interesting cluster on the Washington-area snipers. He presents what he has found so far in this detailed article, which reveals aspects of the sniper team that have not been released by authorities.

    Christmas Clusters Take On Apocalyptic Tendency Two Christmas clusters first introduced back in 2000 have quietly been growing since their time in the spotlight. They have each taken on much longer, and in some cases, apocalyptic codes that seem strange at first, but ultimately make a lot of sense.


Lengthiest Bible codes recently discovered by the Isaac Newton Bible Code Research Society, listed according to significance. Four of these ranked in the updated Top 20 Longest Codes Ever Discovered:

    Hussein is a Vapor. Like a Guarded Lamb, God is Keeping Jews and Levites Whole. And the Cell Inside Your Dwelling will Become a Torture Chamber, 41 letters, skip -1,620. Appears in Ezekiel 7, 37 and 40.

    Third Temple, the Fullness of the Illness will take Place. And a Land will Emerge from a Tight Place. God is Lofty, and it is Time for a Prince, 40 letters, skip –9,846. Appears in Jeremiah 17, Ezekiel 37 and Micah 5 clusters.

    I Will Ask for a Policy. Please, Hussein, Your Son will Commit a Crime Against Us, Expressing the Idea that the Map will be Corrected. 35 letters, skip –1,817, Appears in Daniel 2-3 cluster.

    The Life of the Newborn One, and the Prince of the Tested Ones. You are Five to the Prematurely Born, with Extension of the Exterior. Get Out! 34 letters, skip -55, Ezekiel 40 cluster. We researched more “newborn one” ELSs because we thought that an earlier one could have been referring to the United States.

    He has Graced Me. And Whose is God? For He has not Sealed the Book, as God has looked for a Strike in the Maps, 37 letters, skip –15,352. Appears in Ezekiel 40 cluster. Found while researching the term “seal the book” from Daniel 12:4.

    Where is His Mother? The Land Fired a Bullet, a Newborn One to the Kind Who is Weary of Power, 32 letters, skip +103. Appears in Daniel 2-3 cluster.

    The Newborn One is a Father with no Yesterday. His Name will Melt as Bait, 23 letters, skip +118. Appears in Ezekiel 37 cluster.

    Since When is it that the Teacher, Hussein, will Fume with Anger?, 20 letters, skip –2,835. Appears in Ezekiel 37 and 40 clusters.

    Behold a Cell in the Heart of the Battle, 13 letters, skip +815. Appears in both Ezekiel 37 and 40. “Cell” refers to a small room, and could also be translated cabin, box or cubicle.

    Al Qaeda, Form a Rebellion, 13 letters, skip –57,852. Appears in Daniel 2-3. This ELS touches down in some extremely interesting verses. Its 12th letter is in 1 Kings 15;38, for instance, where Elijah begins his call for God’s fire to fall on his sacrifice during a face-off with the pagan priests. The 9th letter is in Jeremiah 32:27, which reads, “Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh; is there anything too hard for me?” The 5th letter lands in Psalm 119:9, “How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to your word.”

    From the Aramaic Came forth Sweetness, 12 letters, skip +4,044. Appears in Joshua and Judges, and touches down in the story of Samson, where the term “came forth sweetness” originated.

    He will Direct Him—Antichrist, 12 letters, skip 5,131. Appears in Daniel 2-3.




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