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A perfect match-up has been discovered between King David Bible codes and Old Testament verses about the legendary Jewish monarch, ancestor of the Christ-child.

The discovery was made by researchers at the Isaac Newton Bible Code Research Society, publisher of Bible Code Digest ( The most recent discovery appears in the January issue of the online newsletter.

King David was an ancestor of Jesus Christ in both Joseph’s and Mary’s blood lines. There were 28 generations between the second king of Israel and the Christ-child.

Jesus was born in Bethlehem because his parents had traveled from Nazareth to the family’s hereditary home in “the city of David” to be counted in a Roman census.

Among dozens of finds of the spelling of “King David” in the Hebrew Bible, researchers discovered that every letter of the five best codes were located in or adjacent to verses that mention the baby Jesus' great-grandfather (times 27).

“Odds against this occurring randomly are 1 in 200,000,000,” said Ed Sherman, president of the non-profit research group. “This is the strongest case of ‘underscoring,’ or linking between Bible codes and the surface text above them, that we have ever seen.”

Code breakers for intelligence agencies use the same probability formulas as the society does to unravel encoded enemy messages.

The five codes were rated as best because they had the shortest skips between letters.

Bible codes are Hebrew words or phrases with equal numbers of spaces between letters. They are also called equidistant letter sequences (ELSs).

All of the codes were seven letters long, and spelled “Ha’melech David, a spelling of “King David” used dozens of times in the literal text of the Hebrew Bible.

Every one of the 35 letters of the five best King David codes hits a verse that either mentions David or is immediately adjacent to one of these verses.

“Since only 20 percent of the verses in the Hebrew Bible are ‘David’ verses,” said Sherman, “Getting a perfect match-up is like a baseball player with a .200 batting average getting 35 hits in a row.

The five codes are embedded in a variety of Bible passages mentioning David. The King David code with a skip of 69 appears in Zechariah where the prophet is foretelling a blessing that will come to the “house of David” and Judah.

Another King David code that skips every 73rd letter is in the I Samuel 25-26 account of the confrontation between David and the husband of Abigail, and the continuing chase by King Saul of David.

A King David code with a skip of 830 runs through II Samuel 7-13, whose key feature is the story of David and Bathsheba.

With a skip of 912, a King David code crosses the passage II Samuel 13:12 through 15:24, which is mostly concerned with David’s troubles from his son, Absalom.

Finally, the fifth King David code has a skip of 1095 and covers I Samuel 20:21-24:14, where Saul’s continuing threats against his life cause him to leave Jonathan and go into hiding.


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