This Year in Iraq:
A Nearness Check

Being to our knowledge the most improbable grouping of Bible codes ever discovered, the Ezekiel 37 cluster seemingly contains a wealth of knowledge concerning the terrorist attacks on the U.S. How to get our arms around it is the difficult part. Even though it includes the longest ELSs that we have found, many of them are mysterious, ambiguous, or both, regarding what is going on in the world.

Probably the strongest statement made by the cluster is the bond between the U.S. and its support of Israel. The codes in this section talk about the brutal events of 911, while the surface text foretells the coming back together of the nation of Israel.

The “dry bones” chapter has been the subject of conjecture over the centuries, but most Bible scholars agree that it seemed to portend a revival of God’s Chosen People. But not until the Zionist movement and the Holocaust did most scholars give the Jewish people a prayer of reuniting. When they did, the Ezekiel 37 passage took on new stature. Never before in history had a people been dispersed from their land and then returned to it to form a new nation. The fact that they had been out of their homeland for nearly two millennia made a modern nation of Israel an even greater astonishment—some would say a miracle far more improbable than the chance occurrence of the Ezekiel 37 cluster.


Of course, mouth-foaming hatred of the Jews is behind all of this tension in the world. You wonder why some members of the United Nations opposed going after Saddam Hussein? Why the U.S. is being so isolated? Why NATO is in crisis over a war with Iraq? Why North Korea is suddenly taking advantage of the situation to leverage, i.e., blackmail, support from the free world? Why is the whole world in turmoil about a tiny little sliver of land on the doorstep of Asia?

None of it makes sense when viewed from a pre-911 stance. It all comes down to antisemitism.

Incidentally, we searched through the entire Old Testament for the nine-letter Hebrew term for antisemitism and found it only twice. One of these codes slices right through the Ezekiel 37 cluster with a skip of 40,054. The other, with a skip of -67,785, runs through another significant "end times" cluster in Daniel 2-3.

The number two most interesting statement yielded by the cluster is the involvement of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in the events of September 11, 2001. There are only two occurrences of his full name in the Tanakh, and one of them runs right through the Ezekiel 37 cluster. The other runs backward from the middle of 2 Samuel to the middle of 1 Samuel. We haven't had an opportunity to look at this portion of scripture yet, but we are working toward it.

Another Way of Looking at It

The matrix of the cluster shows the center of the grouping and most of the long codes that pass through it. However, we thought that another way of looking at these codes would be to see whether their nearness to a key codes in the cluster would shed any light on what is going on.

We settled on testing two ELSs—the two valid Hebrew terms for 2002-2003 (5763 in the Hebrew calendar, which overlaps our Gregorian calendar), one of four letters and the other of five. It seemed like a good idea to see what long codes the 2002-2003 ELSs came close to.

The investigation we ran checks every letter number of the code of interest against the letter number of every ELS in the cluster. Working with an Excel spreadsheet, we have all of the clusters ELSs catalogued along with the letter number of each (the search software we use assigns a number to every letter in the Hebrew Bible). A special column is set up on one worksheet so that the number of the letter you are interested in can be added to a special cell. The number of letters from the single closest letter in every ELS then appears as you go down the list of the ELSs in the cluster. So if you put letter number 781025 into the special cell, as you scan down the proximity column you can see that ELS A is 9 letters away from the letter of interest, ELS B is 298 letters away, and so on. A 0 means that there is a letter in the code that is the same number as the letter of interest, so you have a crossing of ELSs.

Seeing Results

What you see in the following table is the result of our 2002-2003 investigation, looking at ELSs that came within 20 letters of one of the two spellings. The findings are listed by proximity (Ltrs Away) in the second column. We assigned colors to ELSs that we found most interesting, in terms of their proximity and in terms of what they might yield in the way of information.

The ELS Let the Oppressed be Congratulated, Saturated from Him at 2001. And Let Them be Guarded by the Echo of the Father's Son, Supported by the U.S. I Will See but He has the Knowledge won the prize as the most impressive in terms of the number of times it showed up crossing or near the 2002-2003 codes. It showed up six times in our test, and crosses the same letter twice in two different 2002-2003 codes. Six appearances and a double crossing such as this may be very meaningful, as the surface text of the Bible places a great deal of importance on the emphasis intended with repetition. One interpretation of the ELS could be about the people of Iraq having their fill of Saddam in 2001. The father’s son could refer to George W. Bush, or to a ruler of Iraq who is yet to emerge. The last sentence is mysterious at this point in time.

There are no less than three crossings by ELSs that seem to include Saddam Hussein’s name. The most exciting is the term, You Will Crush the Guilty Saddam and the Month of Iyar Will be Restful. This year the month of Iyar is entirely within our month of May. Here we have a prediction about the outcome of a conflict with a “Guilty Saddam” before “the Month of Iyar” crossing a term for this year. But who is the “You” of the code? And is it really talking about Iraq’s Saddam? There is also the problem of ambiguity on the Hebrew spelling of Saddam, which could also be rendered as Sodom. Incidentally, the Hebrew word for “crush” can also be interpreted as “shock,” according to our Hebrew expert, Dr. Jacobi.

Hussein is Making Gestures to Me Due to the Pressure also directly crossed a 2002-2003 code. It could well be about the mounting leverage being put on Iraq by the United Nations inspectors and Saddam’s response to it.

Three Mysterious Codes

Near crossings where letters of the 2002-2003 codes appear just one letter away from longer ELSs, are made by three mysterious codes. She Has Her Army Cells, Which Will Be Prepared and Precise. The Inside of Haman is Water is highly ambiguous. The latter part of it may be referring to Iran, as Haman is the well known Bible character of ancient Medo-Persia in the story of Esther, who tries to annihilate the Jewish people of that kingdom. (Subscriber Doe Lion points out that the Fast of Esther is on March 17 this year—the 13th of Adar in the Jewish calendar. The Fast of Esther commemorates what Esther and Mordechai observed as Haman and his cohorts were planning the to wipe out the Jewish people. Of course, it's also St. Patrick's Day.)

States the Lord is a phrase that we borrowed from the plain text of the Bible and found as a code. We Have Thus Been Destroyed by Suicide is one of the earliest ELSs discovered in this cluster, and we believe refers to the 19 Islamic terrorists who attacked or attempted to attack U.S. targets with hijacked airliners, but it may also refer to other suicide bombers and kamikaze fighters. This one, along with the 2001 codes that overlap with the 2002-2003 ELSs, suggests a tie between future events in Iraq with those of 911.

Two letters away from 2002-2003 codes are codes that may be mentioning chemical/biological warfare. And lest anyone forget the reason for all of this terrorism and sabre-rattling, The Temple Mount, or the controversial symbol of all of the hatred between Jews and Moslems. The hottest piece of real estate in the universe, it is the current location of the Al Aqsa mosque and the potential site of the Third Temple in Jerusalem. During these troubles in the middle east, what the prophet Zechariah said 23 centuries ago gives welcome perspective:

    I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that sends all the surrounding peoples reeling. Judah will be besieged as well as Jerusalem. On that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations. All who try to move it will injure themselves. Zechariah 12:2-4 (NIV)

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