What Does Nearness of ELSs
Say About the War in Iraq?

When the war to change Saddam Hussein's regime began in mid-March, we posted a page with war-related codes available to all visitors to the site.

Coalition forces are closing in on Baghdad as military commanders adapt their original planning to new or unforeseen circumstances on the ground. Although the media sold the world the idea that the war would be over in "days or weeks," news outlets are distressed that it might take longer.

Of course the Bible code that we fasten on when such discussions arise is the 19-letter You Will Crush the Guilty Saddam and the Month of Iyar (May in 2003) Will be Restful ELS, which we first discovered back at the end of 2001. The problem is that we can't say for certain which year this code is referring to. And the Hebrew letters that spell Saddam can also be read as Sodom.

However, in the days leading up to the war we conducted an investigation to see whether the codes might provide other insights into these events. We found connections between Saddam Hussein and terrorism, the presence of George W. Bush and the U.S. and a connection to 911, chemical and/or biological weapons, and a link to the Temple Mount. It also appears from one code in this experiment that God will be keeping Israel “whole” during this war.

The investigation was built around the Hebrew year 2002-2003, or the Jewish year 5763, which began in September of last year. Searching for all occurrences of the four-letter ELS in the Tanakh between skips 1-500, we discovered one in the middle of the Ezekiel 40 cluster with a skip of –151.

Then we checked on the nearness of “codes of interest” in the cluster to each of the four letters in the 2002-2003 ELS. It soon became evident that we were looking at the beginning of a compelling sub-matrix with this 2002-2003 ELS as its focal code.

At first we looked at all codes that had at least one letter less than 200 letters away from each of the four letters of the 2002-2003 code. There were quite a few, but we culled them down to those that were closest to the focal code.

What you see here is just the center of the matrix, with the focal code running backward up the center in yellow. The table at the bottom of this page shows codes with letters that were located a little further away from the center of the matrix.

The matrix is based on the focal code, so it has rows that are 151 letters wide. We decided that 20 rows in depth and 37 columns in width would be enough to present the key codes in the cluster. We chopped 57 columns off each side of the matrix to make it easier to show.

What first drew our attention to Ezekiel 40 last year was the extraordinary number of occurrences of a Hebrew word for war

in the chapter beyond what is expected. The surface text of the chapter describes a vision the prophet had of the architecture of a future temple, the temple that many Jews and Christians believe will be the Third Temple that must be built to usher in the final days of earth. Unfortunately, the site where the temple is to be built is currently occupied by one of the holiest Muslim shrines, al-Haram al-Sharif, or Noble Sanctuary, which houses Al Aqsa mosque and Dome of the Rock, the third holiest shrine in Islam.

The tension over this potential displacement symbolizes the hatred between Arab peoples and Jews that goes all the way back to Abraham’s two offspring, Isaac and his half-brother Ishmael. Isaac received the blessing of God, and the descendants of Ishmael have been torqued about it ever since.

The word for war should appear only four times, but actually shows up 17 times, with odds of 1 in a million against that happening. Obviously, this word is going to be all over the full view matrix, but we show only half a dozen or so on this cropped matrix.

One of the most interesting events in this matrix is the crossing of the focal code by the ELS Hussein. Another is the appearance of Bush-Iraq just eight letters away from it. There are also some very interesting double letter crossings, where more than one ELS uses a single letter in the matrix. Let the Oppressed be Congratulated, Saturated from Him at 2001. And Let Them be Guarded by the Echo of the Father's Son, Supported by the U.S. I Will See but He has the Knowledge and 2001. Our impression is that “the Echo of the Father’s Son” refers to George W. Bush and his father, George H.W. Bush, who earlier defeated Iraq. “Supported by the U.S.” could refer to the fact that as war with Iraq seemed imminent, a two-thirds majority of Americans backed their president’s decision, according to a CNN poll, while most of the rest of the world was against war.

It was as if the matrix was trying to emphasize with repetition the connection between going after Iraq and the September 11 attacks. The Bible and the Hebrew language depend greatly on repetition for emphasis, and this seems to be a classic case of that.

Another interesting crossing of two ELSs at one letter location underscores the link between war in Iraq and the millennia-old adversarial relationship between Jews and Arabs. Rabbi, Behold! The Temple Mount is Dormant. And He Will Deliver the Fallen, as well as My Mother, as She Will See. She Will Lead a Dried Out Enemy With Her Guilt Offering shares a letter with the ELS The Temple Mount.

The third crossing of two codes combines Providing a Vineyard of the Wine of Bitterness, Please be Born Innocent and Wise and The Newborn One. We have wondered whether the “newborn one” might refer to the U.S., as it is a babe when compared with nations like Israel, England and Russia. Could these enigmatic codes be sending a message that will not be clear for some time to come?

Of interest also are the codes The Life of the Newborn One, and the Prince of the Tested Ones. You are Five to the Prematurely Born, with Extension of the Exterior. Get Out! and Terrorist. Both are immediately adjacent to focal code. The ELS The Temple Mount is only two letters away from the focal code, and one of the many ELSs for War is just two letters away from it.

Ahmad Chalabi also shows up in this matrix. is the leader of the Iraqi opposition movement, the Iraqi National Congress (INC), who is often mentioned as a likely post-Saddam head of state in a transition government. Chalabi has a doctorate in mathematics from the University of Chicago.

In the following table, we present those ELSs that also showed up near the 2002-2003 focal code, but not as near as those in the matrix:

Saddam Hussein Connected to al Qaeda?

Within a few days of the September 11, 2001 attacks, our research had connected Saddam Hussein with the terrorism that was responsible for it. In fact, it was the discovery of an ELS of his name passing through the Ezekiel 37 cluster that was partly responsible for leading us to that cluster.

You know that the U.S. government believes it, but that it can’t talk about its evidence now because that would compromise intelligence sources. But that policy may have been trumped Friday, when British forces revealed that al Qaeda forces are fighting in southern Iraq. Captured Iraqi prisoners have told British intelligence personnel that "a dozen al-Qaida members are in the town of Az Zubayr, coordinating grenade and other attacks on coalition positions," according to a report in several British papers, including London's Financial Times. Also on Friday, Kurdish forces in the north, supported by U. S. Special Forces, crushed Ansar al Islam, a militant group with links to al Qaeda.

So we thought it might be interesting to conduct a nearness experiment with the ELS for al Qaeda to see which codes in the Ezekiel 37 cluster would show up close to it, perhaps providing another indication of the link between Iraq and the terrorists. The table below shows the results of the investigation. On the left is the ELS that appears near the al Qaeda ELS in the cluster, and in the second column is the number of letters it is away from the al Qaeda ELS.

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