Comparison with Other Significant Clusters

Our research has resulted in the cataloguing of the following five additional clusters that are very extensive and statistically significant. They are, in (roughly) descending order of improbability:

a) 249 ELSs regarding Christmas in Proverbs 14-17;
b) 371 ELSs regarding the Holocaust in Deuteronomy 30-33;
c) 357 ELSs regarding the Holocaust in Deuteronomy 15-19;
d) 296 ELSs regarding the Holocaust in Deuteronomy 8-12; and
e) 239 ELSs regarding the Holocaust in Genesis 8.

In addition, our researchers have located a very tightly packed cluster of 475 ELSs that appear to be pertinent to a possible future occurrence of highly disruptive solar flares (or some similar event). Over 140 of these ELSs are entirely contained within a 206 letter long section of text in Numbers 7 that is repeated a mind numbing 12 times in that chapter. If we counted each appearance of these repeated ELSs, we would have over 2,000 ELSs in this very unusual cluster.

In the following graph, there is a comparison of the total number of ELSs in each of these clusters that are comparable to those in the Hanukah cluster, as well as those that are more improbable than the Hanukah ones. In most instances, the Biblical ELSs that are more improbable than those in the Hanukah cluster are radically so.

No matter how you compare them, the Biblical clusters are in a league far beyond that of the War and Peace cluster. Let’s look one more quick comparison—that of the total number of ELSs in each cluster.

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  • Comparing Clusters First of all, how does the Hanukah cluster compare to a truly significant example such as the Isaiah 53 cluster? And what do they look like when shown as matrices?

  • Comparing ELSs Just take a look at the huge number of ELSs in the Isaiah 53 cluster compared with the seven valid Hanukah ELSs.

  • Odds See the truly astonishing odds that codes from both sources would appear where they do by chance.

  • Compactness How close are these codes to each other? We compared the remarkable compactness of the Isaiah 53 cluster with the War and Peace cluster.

  • In Hebrew We also did a very illuminating side-by-side comparison between the Hebrew spellings of words in each cluster.

  • Curiosities There are some other very unusual aspects of the Isaiah 53 cluster, including mind-boggling word patterns far more intricate and extensive than the Hanukah codes.

  • Meanings We've also shown explanations of the Isaiah 53 terms in the cluster.

  • Comparing With Others We've compared the War and Peace cluster with other significant Bible clusters.

  • Anticipating Skeptics And finally, we've tried to anticipate how the skeptics might respond to this report.

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Code Skeptics' Arguments Trashed

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