X Marks the Spot—
Location of Yeshu
Crosses in Isaiah 53

Another way that the Bible code reveals that the text of the Old Testament could not possibly have been written by a human or humans is through the placement of "visual aids" in key areas of the text. These are graphic elements that reinforce the message of the surface text in a way that even the best scientific minds using the most sophisticated computers would be unable to accomplish.

In earlier research of the Isaiah 53 cluster, we have found visual "crosses" of other words. This time we looked for crosses of the short spelling of Jesus, Yeshu (the longer version, Yeshua, is spelled with four letters):

The following reports on what we found. Very tight clusterings of Yeshu crosses in Isaiah 52-55 appear at three spots in the text where indications of the location of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ are to be found. These crosses can be made up of the three letters spelling Yeshu, either forward or backward, but the letters that make up each bar of a cross have the same skip. Here are examples of what the crosses look like:

The following describes the cross locations and characteristics:

  • A stack of 36 Yeshu crosses is exactly centered on the sheen of the literal word "Jerusalem" in Isaiah 52:9.
  • Five stacks of Yeshu crosses, including a total of 88 crosses, are exactly centered on one letter of a Moriah ELS, in Isaiah 54:3.
  • Within a 26 letter-long section of Isaiah 52:7 there is an intense gathering of 64 Yeshu crosses mingled with three different letters from Moriah ELSs and one letter of a Mt. Moriah ELS.

Could these three phenomena be "X marks the spot" prophecies of where Jesus was crucified?

We recently compiled the location of all Yeshu ELSs with skips of 100 or less in Isaiah 52-55. From that emerged a counting of the total number of visual Yeshu crosses centered on each sheen within that text, and a ranking of the same, in descending order. Just finding a Yeshu cross centered on a sheen carries no significance. On the average, any selected sheen will have 4.75 Yeshu crosses centered on it. What we were interested in was the question of whether there would be a relationship between those sheen’s with the most Yeshu crosses and key words in the literal text and/or different ELSs we had previously found—that were the most directly linked with the location of the crucifixion. We were astonished at what turned up.

Isaiah 52:9-10

The sheen with the most visual Yeshu crosses in Isaiah 52-55 was that of the literal Hebrew word for Jerusalem at the end of Isaiah 52:9. There were 36 visual Yeshu crosses stacked on top of the sheen in the middle of the literal word Jerusalem. And the first letter of the literal Jerusalem is intersected by one letter of the (His) Cross ELS, with a skip of 189:

We scrambled the text of Isaiah 51:11-55:2 10,000 times and noted the maximum number of Yeshu crosses stacked on any single sheen. Only three trials resulted in a maximum as high as 36 stacked crosses. So the indicated odds of such a large stack of Yeshu crosses appearing anywhere in this 3,156 letter-long text were 3 in 10,000. The odds of this impressive stack of Yeshu crosses appearing right in the middle of such a significant location as Jerusalem are, of course, much less.

In addition, the sheen with the second greatest number of visual Yeshu crosses was the first word in Isaiah 53:1, only four letters away. There were 28 visual Yeshu crosses stacked on top of the Hebrew word for "has bared" in that verse. The literal context of this intense grouping of 64 Yeshu crosses is particularly apropos:

    Break forth, shout joyfully together,
    You waste places of Jerusalem;
    For the LORD has comforted His people,
    He has redeemed Jerusalem.
    The LORD has bared His holy arm
    In the sight of all the nations,
    That all the ends of the earth may see
    The salvation of our God. Isaiah 52:9-10 (New American Standard Bible)

Six letters after the stack of 28 Yeshu crosses is an ELS for Mt. Moriah with a skip of 800. Four letters after that is an ELS for Moriah with a skip of 153. One letter after that is a Crucifixion ELS with a skip of 429. Three letters after that is a stack of 6 Yeshu crosses. The following chart summarizes the tight fit of all of these phenomena.

Two other intense clusterings are also quite impressive.

Isaiah 54:3

Within a span of only 55 letters in Isaiah 54:3 we found the following, listed by letter number (first three digits of 630 omitted):

    091 – 21 Yeshu crosses
    098 – 21 Yeshu crosses
    104 – 21 Yeshu crosses
    117 – Moriah ELS, 121 skip
    122 – 10 Yeshu crosses
    125 – Calvary ELS, 3825 skip
    145 – 15 Yeshu crosses
    145 – 1 Ashem (guilt offering) cross

This grouping is fairly improbable in its density (only 1 out of 1,000 trials yielded a grouping of Yeshu crosses as dense as this), but other features are also surprising. The first three Sheens are 7 and 6 letters apart and each have 21 Visual Yeshu crosses stacked on them. We have a clear representation of three crosses.

A second interesting thing is that the one letter of the Moriah ELS appears at the very center of this span of 55 letters. This tight collection of Yeshu crosses has the label "Moriah" at its center.

We believe the spelling of the Calvary ELS is a reasonable transliteration of the English pronunciation . Calvary is derived from the Latin "calvaria", which is a translation of the Greek word, "kranion," which is a translation of the Aramaic "gulgolta." It should be noted that Dr. Jacobi objected to our using a transliteration of the English word "Calvary."

Isaiah 52:7

The suffering servant prophecy is generally considered to begin in Isaiah 52:7:

    How lovely on the mountains
    Are the feet of him who brings good news,
    Who announces peace
    And brings good news of happiness,
    Who announces salvation
    And says to Zion, "Your God reigns!" Isaiah 52:7 (New American Standard Bible)

This verse contains a 26 letter-long section with an intense collection (shown in bold underline above). In each row the first four digits (6288) of the full letter number have been omitted.

    42 – Moriah ELS, 113 skip
    43 – 6 Yeshu crosses
    44 – Calvary ELS, 2,266 skip
    45 – Moriah ELS, 20 skip
    46 – 10 Yeshu crosses
    50 – 6 Yeshu crosses
    53 – Mt. Moriah ELS, 5,611 skip
    56 – 21 Yeshu crosses
    56 – 3 Ashem crosses
    62 – 6 Yeshu crosses
    65 – Moriah ELS, 20 skip
    67 – 15 Yeshu crosses

Intriguingly, this 26-letter-long section begins with the literal word for "good news,"or "tidings," and ends with the literal word, "salvation." Such an ideal location of this tight grouping argues for intentional placement.

There are many more tight collections in the vicinity of Isaiah 53 that are similar to the three we have described above. In our opinion, however, these were the most striking, and the most improbable.

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