Matrix Showing the Heart of a Cluster
of Christmas Codes in Solomon's Proverbs

King Solomon reigned gloriously in Israel nearly a thousand years before Jesus was born in Bethlehem, and yet many details of the Savior’s miraculous birth are encoded in the center of Solomon’s book of Proverbs. It might even be called history’s most impressive -- if obscure -- Christmas card.

In this quiet backwater of the Old Testament, where sound advice on righteous living was set down by the wisest and wealthiest king in history, scores of codes cluster around the focal code, Christmas is a Gift to Him and to the Mother, which appears in a 14-letter ELS with a skip of 19.

Why do these codes show up centered in the 15th chapter of Proverbs? After all, the Messianic Jesus codes appeared in the Hebrew text of Isaiah 53 and the 911 codes appear in Ezekiel 37 and Ezekiel 7. Well, the answer is not obvious. Here is one guess. Right at the end of the focal code is Proverbs 15:24. This verse could be seen as a "salvation" message, cloaked in Solomon's typical style: "The path of life leads upward for the wise, to keep him from going down to Sheol."

Around the mysteriously beautiful focal code are a fascinating collection of short codes such as Bethlehem, Mary, Manger, Nativity and Shepherds. A few longer codes have been added, deepening the mystery, since we first came across this cluster just before Christmas of last year. Most impressive is the 23-letter, Please Be Merciful, Miracle of God. Rule Gently. The Son Soars from on High. (In recent months we have come across quite a few “Miracle of God” codes, and they always seem to refer to Christ.)

Other Long Codes

Other long codes in the cluster are not necessarily about the birth of Christ, but refer to eventual events in His life, and may even be about other figures that played a prominent role in His life. Her Struggle is For Them; God Has Graced Them; Lord of Hosts, is a 21-letter ELS that we believe refers to the global church and its commission to take the Gospel to “them” throughout the world. There is also, They are For Him -- God and Jesus are One -- and For You and His Destiny Will Be Confusion at the End of Days, both 16-letter codes. The first is self-explanatory, and the second might even refer to the enemy of God, who tempted Jesus as He was beginning His ministry.

Two 15-letter ELSs suggest future events in the life of Jesus. The Guilt Offering, the Son of Man, Humbled Himself and The Ascension of Jesus, and Light Persevered for Them both look to the Savior’s final days on earth. What is He? The Gift, Yeshua is clearly a Christmas code, while Rejoice, He Said, With Fire From His Soul, and He Arose seems to refer to Christ’s later victory over death.

Matrix and Table of Codes

Shown below is the center of the Christmas codes in a grid around the 14-letter focal code that spells out Christmas is a Gift to Him and to the Mother, which runs up the middle of the matrix. (Incidentally, the Hebrew for Christmas literally means holiday of the nativity.) It appears mostly in red, but there are two occasions when its letters are crossed by other codes. This matrix shows only one small section of the total array, which so far runs from Proverbs 14 through 17. Only letters in Proverbs 15:13-30 are used in this matrix. It is 588 letters long and displayed in rows of 19, based on the skips of the focal code. In two cases of ELSs with long skips, such as Bethlehem with 568, and Jesus the Messiah with 5,771, they are so lengthy that only one of the their letters touch down in this area.

Below the matrix is a table of the longer codes that pass through the cluster, along with their Hebrew spellings and the skips between their letters. Some further comments on the ELSs shown: Extinguish the Light. A Living Sacrifice we believe refers to the attitude toward Christ by the Jewish status quo, and to his ultimate role. His Light Threatened is also seen as a comment on the impact He had on the status quo. 1 Tishri, His Blood Since Then is based on an original discovery by researcher Roy Reinhold, who holds that 1 Tishri, or Rosh Hashanah, is the actual birthdate of Christ.

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