Huge New 73-Letter Bible Code is Discovered

The following is a the text of a press release distributed to media November 4, 2003:

A 73-letter Bible code featuring Judas, the disciple of Jesus who typified treachery, is the new world record longest code ever discovered.

Announcement of the finding was made here today by the Isaac Newton Bible Code Research Society (

The equidistant letter sequence (ELS) was discovered by Dr. Nathan Jacobi of the society, a physicist and Hebrew expert.

Bible codes were featured in a Sept. 7 History Channel documentary. Books on the subject by Michael Drosnin and Jeffrey Satinover have been New York Times best sellers.

In English, the new record code reads, "If the Friend of Evil will Thirst for the End of My Innocence, His Home is an Urn. Let Judas Have His Day. To Me, the Exalted One, They Fasted. Where are You? Its Content will be Written from My Mouth. Father, Indeed You will Raise the Dead Over There."

The code appears in the Isaiah 53 cluster, a huge collection of ELSs about the final days of Jesus Christ. It skips every 738th letter, beginning in Isaiah 29 and ending in Jeremiah 3.

"The message in the code seems to be very appropriate to the character Judas (or Judah) as he is presented in the Gospels," said mathematician Ed Sherman, President of the Society. "Coherent codes that are 30 or more letters long are highly unlikely to be the product of chance."

A listing of the Top 20 Longest Bible Codes is provided on the site.

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